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82:1  When the sky splits open,
82:2  and when the stars fall away,
82:3  and when the seas burst forth,
82:4  and when the graves spill out,
82:5  ˹then˺ each soul will know what it has sent forth or left behind.
82:6  O humanity! What has emboldened you against your Lord, the Most Generous,
82:7  Who created you, fashioned you, and perfected your design,
82:8  moulding you in whatever form He willed?
82:9  But no! In fact, you deny the ˹final˺ Judgment,
82:10  while you are certainly observed by vigilant,
82:11  honourable angels, recording ˹everything˺.
82:12  They know whatever you do.
82:13  Indeed, the virtuous will be in bliss,
82:14  and the wicked will be in Hell,
82:15  burning in it on Judgment Day,
82:16  and they will have no escape from it.
82:17  What will make you realize what Judgment Day is?
82:18  Again, what will make you realize what Judgment Day is?
82:19  ˹It is˺ the Day no soul will be of ˹any˺ benefit to another whatsoever, for all authority on that Day belongs to Allah ˹entirely˺.