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82:1  When the sky breaks
82:2  And when the stars disperse
82:3  And when the seas overflow
82:4  And when the graves are uncovered, taken out and examined
82:5  Every soul comes to know what it had sent ahead and what it had left behind
82:6  O human! What has deluded you away from your Lord, the Most Noble
82:7  HE is the One Who created you, then moulded you, and then gave you a good poise
82:8  HE cast you into an appearance He willed
82:9  And, yet, you refused to believe in the Judgment Day
82:10  And certainly indeed Guards are appointed to keep watch on you and protect you
82:11  Noble recorders are they [recording all your omissions and commissions]
82:12  They know what you do
82:13  Indeed, the righteous will be in bliss
82:14  And certainly indeed, the wicked persons will be in Hell
82:15  They will enter it on the day of Judgment
82:16  And they will not be absent from it
82:17  And what do you understand what the Day of Judgment is
82:18  Repeat, what do you understand what the Day of Judgment is
82:19  That Day no creature shall be of any avail to another. And Allah's shall be the sole command that Day!