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82:1  When The Sky is cleft asunder
82:2  And when the planets are scattered
82:3  And when the seas burst forth
82:4  And when the graves are over turned (emptied)
82:5  Every soul shall know what it has sent forward and (what it has) held back
82:6  0 Man! What has seduced you (away) from your Lord, the Gracious
82:7  Who created you and fashioned you, and proportioned you in perfection
82:8  In whatever form He pleased, He constituted you
82:9  Nay! but you disbelieve in the (day of) reckonin
82:10  And surely there are Watchers over you
82:11  Honorable scribes
82:12  They know (and understand) whatever you do
82:13  Surely the Righteous shall be in Bliss
82:14  And surely the Wicked shall be in blazing Fire
82:15  Which they shall enter on the Day of Reckoning
82:16  And never shall they be absent therefrom
82:17  And what makes you know what the Day of Reckoning is
82:18  Again, what makes you know what the Day of Reckoning is
82:19  The Day on which no soul shall have aught for (another) soul, and the command that Day shall be (wholly) Allah`s