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82:1  When the sky is cleft asunder,
82:2  when the stars are scattered,
82:3  when the oceans are made to explode,
82:4  when the graves are hurled about,
82:5  each soul shall know its earlier actions and its later ones.
82:6  O man, what has lured you away from your gracious Lord
82:7  who created and moulded you and gave you an upright form?
82:8  He can give you whatever shape He wills.
82:9  Shun it! But you deny the Last Judgement.
82:10  Yet there are guardians watching over you,
82:11  noble recorders,
82:12  who know all that you do.
82:13  Surely the righteous shall be in bliss,
82:14  while the wicked shall be in a blazing fire,
82:15  which they shall enter on the Day of Judgement;
82:16  nor shall they ever be absent from it.
82:17  Would that you knew what the Day of Judgement is!
82:18  Oh, would that you knew what the Day of Judgement is!
82:19  It is the day when no soul can be of any help to any other soul; for on that day all sovereignty is God's alone.