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82:1  When (all) the heavenly spheres will be split apart
82:2  And when the planets will fall and scatter
82:3  And when oceans (and rivers) will flood and overflow
82:4  And when graves will be overturned
82:5  Then everyone will come to know what actions he sent forward and what he left behind
82:6  O man! What has deluded you concerning your Gracious Lord
82:7  (The One) Who created you (from a fertiled ovum in the mother’s womb), then, (to structure your limbs at the fetal stage,) He shaped you aright, then brought about proportionate alteration in your constitution
82:8  He constituted you in whatever form He willed
82:9  That is the truth, (but) on the contrary, you deny the Day of Recompense
82:10  Whereas there are guardian angels appointed over you
82:11  (Who are) dignified, the scribes (writing the records of all your deeds)
82:12  They know (all) those (actions) which you do
82:13  Indeed, the truly good will be in the Garden of Bliss
82:14  And surely, the evildoers will be in the (Blazing Fire of) Hell
82:15  They will enter it on the Day of Rising
82:16  And will never be able to absent themselves from it (Hell)
82:17  And what have you made out what the Day of Recompense is
82:18  So what have you learnt about what the Day of Recompense is
82:19  It is the Day when no soul will own anything for any other soul, and the command on that Day will be entirely Allah’s