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82:1  When the heavens are rent asunder
82:2  the stars are dispersed
82:3  the oceans are merged together
82:4  and the graves are turned inside out
82:5  every soul will see the result of its deeds - those recorded before his death and those which will produce either virtue or evil after his death
82:6  Human being, what evil has deceived you about your Gracious Lord
82:7  Who created you proportionately and fashioned yo
82:8  in whatever composition He wanted
82:9  Despite this, you deny the Day of Judgment
82:10  but you should know that there are angelic guard
82:11  watching over yo
82:12  and these honorable scribes know whatever you do
82:13  The virtuous ones will live in blis
82:14  and the evil-doers will be in hel
82:15  which they will enter on the Day of Judgment
82:16  to burn therein
82:17  They will never be able to escape from it. Would that you knew what the Day of Judgment is
82:18  Again would that you only knew how terrible it really is
82:19  On that day, no soul will be of any benefit to any other soul. On that day, all affairs will be in the hands of God