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82:1  WHEN the Heaven shall CLEAVE asunder
82:2  And when the stars shall disperse
82:3  And when the seas shall be commingled
82:4  And when the graves shall be turned upside down
82:5  Each soul shall recognise its earliest and its latest actions
82:6  O man! what hath misled thee against thy generous Lord
82:7  Who hath created thee and moulded thee and shaped thee aright
82:8  In the form which pleased Him hath He fashioned thee
82:9  Even so; but ye treat the Judgment as a lie
82:10  Yet truly there are guardians over you
82:11  Illustrious recorders
82:12  Cognisant of your actions
82:13  Surely amid delights shall the righteous dwell
82:14  But verily the impure in Hell-fire
82:15  They shall be burned at it on the day of doom
82:16  And they shall not be able to hide themselves from it
82:17  Who shall teach thee what the day of doom is
82:18  Once more. Who shall teach thee what the day of doom is
82:19  It is a day when one soul shall be powerless for another soul: all sovereignty on that day shall be with God