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82:1  When the heaven is cleft asunder
82:2  And when the stars are scattered
82:3  And when the seas gush together
82:4  And when the tombs are turned upside down
82:5  The soul shall know what it has sent on or kept back
82:6  O man! what has seduced thee concerning thy generous Lord
82:7  who created thee, and fashioned thee, and gave thee symmetry
82:8  and in what form He pleased composed thee
82:9  Nay, but ye call the judgment a lie
82:10  but over you are guardians set,
82:11  noble, writing down
82:12  they know what ye do
82:13  Verily, the righteous are in pleasure
82:14  and, verily, the wicked are in hell
82:15  they shall broil therein upon the judgment day
82:16  nor shall they be absent therefrom
82:17  And what shall make thee know what is the judgment day
82:18  Again, what shall make thee know what is the judgment day
82:19  a day when no soul shall control aught for another; and the bidding on that day belongs to God