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82:1  The day that the sky splits open
82:2  And the stars disappear from the sight
82:3  And the oceans explode and throw their water over the earth
82:4  And when the graves open up
82:5  Then every soul will find out what provision it has sent for life Hereafter and what opportunities for the salvation it has left behind
82:6  O’ mankind, what has made you careless in obeying you Lord, the Most Gracious One
82:7  The Lord Who created you, then designed your different kind of bodies, then completed you the way you are
82:8  In any shape and size that He has wished you to be
82:9  What a shame that you reject His prescribed way of conduct
82:10  But in spite of your ungratefulness, He has put guardians around you
82:11  These honorable beings record all your deeds
82:12  They know what you do
82:13  Once they give the man’s report card, the righteous ones will be pleased as they enter to the gardens of Heaven
82:14  and the wicked ones will be condemned to Hellfire
82:15  where they will be thrown in the Day of Judgment
82:16  And they can not escape from it
82:17  No word can explain how awesome the Day of Judgment is
82:18  Indeed it will be the most awesome
82:19  On that day no soul can help another one and God will be the only one who will decide with absolute authority