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82:1  When once the heaven is cleaved asunder,
82:2  And the planets are scattered,
82:3  And the seas are overflown and gain advantage on the kingdom of the shore
82:4  And the graves are turned upside down and their contents are discharged and ejected
82:5  There and then shall every soul become aware of what it did in its early chapter of life and what it did of late
82:6  O man! what has enticed you to be audacious and disloyal to Allah, your Creator, the. Most Beneficent
82:7  Who created you and proportioned you and gifted you with interdependent systems to make you an organized whole, and in the upright position* He made you efficient
82:8  In whatever form He wills, He shapes you; not to mention, complete defective or deficient
82:9  No, but you refuse to acknowledge Allah and do not admit the truth of the Day of Judgement
82:10  Yet, in point of fact you are watched by guardian angels who do not recede
82:11  They are honourable Scribes
82:12  Who know and record every deed
82:13  The virtuous shall surely be destined to the heavenly bliss
82:14  The wicked shall surely be in the fiercely blazing abyss
82:15  A fate, they will suffer in Day of Judgement
82:16  They shall not be delivered therefrom nor are they given relief
82:17  You just do not know what the Day of Judgement is like
82:18  Indeed, you just do not know what the Day of Judgement is like
82:19  It is the Day when no soul can avail another nor is there a. safe path to strike, for the full command there and then belongs entirely to Allah