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73:1  The Enwrapped!
73:2  Pray standing during the night for a little while;
73:3  half the night or even less;
73:4  or a bit more, and read the Quran with clear pronunciation.
73:5  Soon, We will send you a weighty Revelation.
73:6  Prayer during the night makes a strong impact on the mind and makes the speech effective,
73:7  since all day long you remain busy;
73:8  remember the Name of your Lord and wholly devote yourself to Him.
73:9  The Lord of the East and the West, there is no god but Him, so take Him as your Protector
73:10  And bear patiently what they say, and avoid them in a goodly manner.
73:11  Leave Me to deal with the deniers who selfishly enjoy comfort, and bear with them for a little while.
73:12  Indeed, We have prepared chains, a blazing Fire,
73:13  food that chokes and a painful punishment.
73:14  The Day when the Earth and the mountains will shake violently, then turning into heaps of sand
73:15  Indeed, We sent to you a noble Messenger, who is a witness for you, like We sent a messenger to Pharaoh.
73:16  But Pharaoh disobeyed the messenger, so We punished him severely.
73:17  So how will you protect yourself from the suffering of a Day which will turn children’s hair grey, how can you deny it?
73:18  The sky will be torn into pieces, and His promise fulfilled.
73:19  This is a reminder, so anyone who wants to take a path to his Lord, let him do so
73:20  Your Lord knows, you stay awake worshipping Him with a group of disciples, sometimes for nearly two-thirds of the night and other times half of it or a third of it. It is Allah Who determines the length of the night and the day. He knows you won’t be able to keep this practice up for too long, so He is kind to you: from now on, recite the Quran as much as you are able to with ease. He knows there are some who are ill, others travelling on business trips, and others fighting in Allah’s path. So recite from the Quran what is easy for you. Furthermore, establish the prayer regularly, pay the Zakat and give Allah a beautiful loan. Remember, whatever good you stock up is for yourselves; in the Hereafter you will find it with Allah. You will be greatly rewarded. Seek Allah’s forgiveness; Allah is Forgiving, Caring