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73:1  O you who are wrapped up in half the night or a little less than your mantle
73:2  stand up to pray tha
73:3  or a little more, but recite for much of the night
73:4  It may be the Quran slowly and distinctly
73:5  For We are about to send down to you a message of considerable gravity
73:6  Surely, getting up at night [for worship] is the most potent means of subduing the self and most suitable for the word [of prayer]
73:7  You have by day prolonged occupations [with Dawah work]
73:8  Remember the name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him wholeheartedly
73:9  He is the Lord of the east and the west, there is no deity but Him, so take Him as your Guardian
73:10  Bear patiently with what they say, and ignore them politely
73:11  Leave it to Me to deal with the deniers, who live a life of comfort, and bear with them a little longer
73:12  We have in store for them heavy fetters and a blazing Fire
73:13  food that chokes and painful punishmen
73:14  on the Day the earth and mountains shall shake and the mountains crumble into shifting sand dunes
73:15  We have sent a messenger who is a witness over you, just as We sent a messenger to Pharoah before you
73:16  But Pharoah rebelled against the messenger, so We seized him with a strong, crushing grip
73:17  If you persist in denying the truth how will you escape the Day that will turn the childrens hair grey
73:18  The Day when the heavens will be rent asunder and God's promise shall be fulfilled
73:19  This, surely, is an admonition. So let him who will, take the right path to his Lord
73:20  Your Lord knows that you stand up praying for nearly twothirds of the night, or one-half of it and sometimes one third of it, as do others among your followers. God determines the measure of night and day. He knows that you will not be able to do it, so He has turned to you in mercy. Recite, then, as much of the Quran as is easy for you. He knows that there will be some among you who may be sick and others who will be travelling throughout the land seeking God's bounty, and yet others who may be fighting for the cause of God. So, recite, then as much of it as you are able, and be constant in prayer, and spend in charity, and give to God a goodly loan. For whatever good deed you send on before you for your souls, you will find it with God. It will be improved and richly rewarded by Him. Seek God's forgiveness, He is most forgiving, most merciful