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73:1  O thou wrapped up
73:2  arise to prayer, and continue therein during the night
73:3  except a small part; that is to say, during one half thereof: Or do thou lessen the same a little
73:4  or add thereto. And repeat the Koran with a distinct and sonorous voice
73:5  For We will lay on thee a weighty word
73:6  Verily the rising by night is more efficacious for stedfast continuance in devotion, and more conducive to decent pronunciation
73:7  For in the day-time thou hast long employment
73:8  And commemorate the name of thy Lord: And separate thy self unto Him, renouncing worldly vanities
73:9  He is the Lord of the east, and of the west; there is no God but He. Wherefore take Him for thy patron
73:10  And patiently suffer the contumelies which the infidels utter against thee; and depart from them with a decent departure
73:11  And let Me alone with those who charge the Koran with falsehood, who enjoy the blessings of this life; and bear with them for a while
73:12  Verily with Us are heavy fetters, and a burning fire
73:13  and food ready to choke him who swalloweth it, and painful torment
73:14  On a certain day the earth shall be shaken, and the mountains also, and the mountains shall become a heap of sand poured forth
73:15  Verily We have sent unto you an apostle, to bear witness against you; as We sent an apostle unto Pharaoh
73:16  But Pharaoh was disobedient unto the apostle; wherefore We chastised him with a heavy chastisement
73:17  How, therefore, will ye escape, if ye believe not, the day which shall make children become greyheaded through terror
73:18  The heaven shall be rent in sunder thereby: The promise thereof shall surely be performed
73:19  Verily this is an admonition; and whoever is willing to be admonished, will take the way unto his Lord
73:20  Thy Lord knoweth that thou continuest in prayer and meditation sometimes near two third parts of the night, and sometimes one half thereof, and at other times one third part thereof: And a part of thy companions, who are with thee, do the same. But God measureth the night and the day; he knoweth that ye cannot exactly compute the same: Wherefore He turneth favourably unto you. Read, therefore, so much of the Koran as may be easy unto you. He knoweth that there will be some infirm among you; and others travel through the earth, that they may obtain a competency of the bounty of God; and others fight in the defence of God's faith. Read, therefore, so much of the same as may be easy. And observe the stated times of prayer, and pay the legal alms; and lend unto God an acceptable loan; for whatever good ye send before for your souls, ye shall find the same with God. This will be better, and will merit a greater reward. And ask God forgiveness; for God is ready to forgive, and merciful