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73:1  O the One Wrapped in piety! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him
73:2  Stand up for worship during the night, except for some part of it
73:3  For half the night, or reduce some from it
73:4  Or increase a little upon it, and recite the Qur’an slowly in stages
73:5  Indeed We shall soon ordain a heavy responsibility upon you
73:6  Indeed getting up in the night is tougher, and the words flow with strength
73:7  Indeed you have a lot of matters during the day
73:8  And remember the name of your Lord and, leaving others, devote yourself solely to Him
73:9  Lord of the East and Lord of the West - there is no God except Him, therefore make Him your sole Trustee of affairs
73:10  And patiently endure upon what the disbelievers say, and leave them for good
73:11  And leave them to Me – these wealthy deniers – and give them some respite
73:12  Indeed We have heavy fetters and a blazing fire
73:13  And food that chokes, and a painful punishment
73:14  On a day when the earth and the mountains will tremble, and the mountains turn into dunes of flowing sand
73:15  We have indeed sent a Noble Messenger towards you, a present witness over you – the way We had sent a Noble Messenger towards Firaun
73:16  In response Firaun disobeyed the Noble Messenger, so We seized him with a severe seizure
73:17  So how will you save yourselves, if you disbelieve, on a day that will turn children old
73:18  The heaven will split asunder with its grief; the promise of Allah will surely occur
73:19  This is indeed an advice; so whoever wishes may take the path towards his Lord
73:20  Indeed your Lord knows that you stand up in prayer, sometimes almost two-thirds of the night, and sometimes half the night or sometimes a third of it – and also a group of those along with you; Allah keeps measure of the night and day; He knows that you, O Muslims, will not be able to measure the night, so He has inclined towards you with mercy – therefore recite from the Qur’an as much as is easy for you; He knows that soon some of you will fall ill, and some will travel in the land seeking the munificence of Allah, and some will be fighting in Allah’s cause; therefore recite from the Qur’an as much as is easy for you, and establish prayer and pay the obligatory charity, and lend an excellent loan to Allah; and whatever good you send ahead for yourselves, you will find it with Allah, better and having a great reward; and seek forgiveness from Allah; indeed Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful