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57:1  Whatever is in the heavens and on the earth celebrates the praise of Allâh and declares His infinite glory. He is the All-Mighty, All- Wise.
57:2  His is the (absolute) sovereignty of the heavens and of the earth. He gives life and causes death. He is capable of doing whatever He wills.
57:3  He is the First, the Last, the Visible and the Hidden. He is fully aware of all things.
57:4  He is the One Who created the heavens and earth in six days, and then established Himself above the (Glorious) Throne. He knows whatever goes into the earth, and whatever comes forth from it, whatever comes down from the heavens, and whatever goes up to it. He is always with you wherever you are. Allâh is the All-Seer of what you do.
57:5  His is the (absolute) sovereignty of the heavens and of the earth. To Allâh all things are destined to be brought back.
57:6  He lets the night pass into the day, and lets the day pass into the night. He is All-Knowing of what is in the hearts.
57:7  Believe in Allâh and His ‘Messenger’, and expend of that whereof He has made you trustees. Those of you who attain Faith (in Allâh) and expend, will have an immense reward.
57:8  And what reason do you have that you should not believe in Allah? And the ‘Messenger’ is calling you to believe in your Lord, who has already taken a pledge from you?
57:9  He is the One Who sends down the full knowledge of the Truth to His servant, so that He may bring you out of darkness into light. Verily, Allâh is All-Compassionate and Most Merciful to you.
57:10  And what reason do you have that you should not expend on (serving) the cause of Allâh since (you know that) the heritage of the heavens and of the earth belongs to Allâh? Not equal among you are those who spent (on the serving the cause of Allâh) and fought (bravely) before the conquest with other. They are greater in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards. However, to both parties Allâh has promised the best reward (‘Al-Jannah’). Allâh is All-Aware of what you do.
57:11  Who is he that will lend to Allâh a goodly loan so that He will multiply it for him, and he will have a generous reward?
57:12  On that day, you will see the light of the ‘Monotheistic Believers’, men, and women, shimmering before them and on their right hand. Joyful news for you this ‘Day’! Gardens beneath which rivers flow, where you will abide therein. That is the most ultimate success and the supreme one."
57:13  On that day, the Hypocrites, men and women, will say to those who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism: "Look at us so that we may get some light from your light." It will be said: "Go back and seek for light." Thus, a wall with a gate in it will be put up between them. Inside it there will be mercy, but outside of it there will be agony and suffering.
57:14  (The ‘Hypocrites’) will cry unto the ‘Monotheistic Believers’: ‘Did we not use to be with you (in the ‘worldly life’)?’ They will reply: “Yea, but you caused yourselves to fall into temptation, longed for our destruction, doubted (the Resurrection), and let your vain desire delude you, until there came the command of Allâh. Thus, (You let) the arch-deceiver, (Satan), deceive you concerning Allâh.”
57:15  Therefore, this day no ransom will be accepted from you, neither from those who refused to accept (Allâh in their Life). Your abode is the Fire. It is your benefactor. Evil is the abode!
57:16  Has not the time yet come for the ‘Monotheistic Believers’ that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allâh, and at the Truth which is revealed, lest they become like those who were given the ‘Scripture’ before, and the term was prolonged for them, and so their hearts were hardened? However, most of them are debauchees walking in the path of disobedience.
57:17  Know that Allâh gives life to the earth after its death!. Indeed, We have made Our (Holy) ‘Verses’ manifest to you so that you may be able to perceive (their intended meaning).
57:18  Indeed, those men and women who give alms, and lend to Allâh a goodly loan, it will be multiplied for them. They will (also) receive a generous recompense.
57:19  Those who believe in Allâh and in His ‘Messengers’ are (in the rank) of the truthful, and the witnesses, with their Lord. They will have their reward and their light. Yest those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) and refuse to give credence to Our Revelations are the ‘Denizens of Hellfire’.
57:20  Know that this ‘worldly life’ is only playing, amusement, ornament, boasting among you, and competition in increase of wealth and children, as the likeness of abundant rain whose vegetation pleases those who lack Faith in Allâh. Then it shrivels and you can see it turning yellow and then it becomes debris. In the ‘Hereafter’, there will be severe chastisement for those who refuse to accept (Allâh into their Life), and there will be forgiveness from Allâh and His graceful Pleasure (for the ‘Monotheistic Believers’). Consequently, this ‘worldly life’ is not more than provision of vanities.
57:21  Hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and to a garden, the width whereof is as the width of heaven and earth, prepared for those who believe in Allâh and His ‘Messengers’. That is the bounty of Allâh. He bestows upon Whom He wills. Allâh is the Lord of the great bounty.
57:22  No misfortune befalls on the earth or among you except that it is written in a book before, We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allâh to do.
57:23  You ought not to be depressed over that which has escaped you, nor rejoice over what Allâh has bestowed upon you. Allâh demonstrates not his own love for any arrogant boaster.
57:24  Such are misers and enjoin upon the people parsimony. Whoever turns away (needs to know that) Allâh is the Self-Sufficient, Worthy of all praise.
57:25  We verily sent Our ‘Messengers’ with the knowledge of the truth, and revealed with them the ‘Scripture’ and the Balance, so that the people may observe the right measure (i.e. maintain justice). We sent down iron wherein strong power and benefit for the people so that Allâh will identify those who give support to His cause and to His messenger in secret. Indeed, Allâh is All- Strong, All-Might.
57:26  We verily sent ‘Noah’ and ‘Abraham’ (as Our ‘Messengers’) and placed ‘Prophethood’ and ‘Scripture’ in their offspring. Therefore, some of them attain spiritual insight, while many of them are debauchees walking in the path of disobedience.
57:27  Then We made Our ‘Messengers’ to follow in their footsteps. And We made ‘Jesus’, son of Mary, to follow, giving him the ‘Gospel’, and placing compassion and mercy in the hearts of those who followed him. But they innovated ‘Monasticism’ which We did not prescribe it for them. (They sought it) only to please Allâh, but they did not observe it in accordance with what is required. Thus, We give those of them who have accepted monotheism their reward, but many of them are debauchees walking in the path of disobedience.
57:28  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, act piously towards your Lord, and believe in His ‘Messenger’, (‘Muhammad’). He will give you twofold of His mercy while giving you light wherein you will walk, and forgiving your sins. Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
57:29  That The ‘People of the Scripture’ (Jews & Christians) may come to know that they control naught of the bounty of Allâh, but that (His) bounty is in His Hand. He bestows it upon whom He wills. Allâh is the Lord of the great bounty.