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57:1  Everything in the heavens and the earth extols Allah. He is the One Omnipotent, Wise
57:2  Sovereignty over the heavens and the earth is His. He gives life and causes death. And He has power over all things
57:3  He is the First, the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden. And He knows all things
57:4  It was He who created the heavens and earth in six periods of time and then ascended the Throne. He knows what enters the earth and what comes out of it. He knows what comes down from the sky and what ascends into it. And He is with you wherever you are. And He sees all that you do
57:5  Sovereignty over the heavens and the earth is His. All matters do return to Allah
57:6  He passes the night into the day and the day into the night. And He knows all that is in the minds
57:7  Believe in Allah and His Messenger and spend in charity from that of which He has made you trustees. Then those of you who believe and give alms — for them is a rich reward
57:8  What is the matter with you that you do not believe in Allah — and the Messenger calls on you to believe in your Lord and has made a covenant with you — if at all you do believe in anything
57:9  It is He who sends down clear Verses to His Devotee, so that He may take you out of the darkness into the light. And Allah is indeed Kind and Merciful to you
57:10  What is the matter with you that you spend not for the cause of Allah, when Allah alone inherits everything that is in the heavens and the earth? Those of you who spent and fought before the Victory are not equal but higher in rank to those who spent and fought afterwards. Yet Allah has promised you all a good reward. He is aware of what you do
57:11  Who is there to offer Allah a good loan? HE will double it for him. And he will have a rich reward
57:12  The Day, you see the believers, men and women, their light streaming out before them and on their right, "Glad tidings for you today! Gardens with rivers flowing through them. You shall dwell therein forever. That is the highest success."
57:13  The Day, the hypocrites, men and women, say to those that had believed, "Wait for us, so we may have advantage of your light." They are told, "Turn back and look for light elsewhere." A wall then rises between them with a gate, on the inside of which is grace and mercy, and against the outside, punishment
57:14  The hypocrites call out to the believers, "Were we not on your side?" The believers reply, "Yes, but you gave in to temptation, you wavered and doubted and you were deceived by your wishful thinking until Allah's will was done; and then the Deceiver [Satan] misled you about Allah."
57:15  So this Day no ransom can be accepted from you nor from those who suppressed the truth. Your home is the Fire; that is your companion, and it is a bad journey's end
57:16  Has the time not come for those who believe that their minds should becaome humble in the remembrance of Allah and should submit to what is sent down [from Him] of the Truth, and that they should not become like those who were given the Book before them, whose minds with the passage of time became hardened and many of whom were depraved
57:17  Know that Allah brings the earth back to life after its death. We have verily made Our Verses/signs clear to you, so that you may understand
57:18  Indeed, the truthful men and the truthful women, who give a good loan to Allah, shall have it [the loan] doubled for them, and they shall have a rich reward
57:19  Those who believe in Allah and His Messengers are the truthful ones and the witnesses in the sight of their Lord. They shall have their reward and their light. But those who suppress the Truth and reject Our signs — they shall be inmates of the Hell
57:20  Beware! The life of this world is only a game and a pastime, a show, and mutual boasting and out-rivaling each other in riches and children. It is like the growth of vegetation after the rain, which makes the skeptic wonder, but which then withers away, turns yellow and becomes worthless stubble. And in the Hereafter, severe punishment, forgiveness from Allah and His Pleasure! And the life of this world is nothing but means of deception
57:21  Vie with one another for your Lord's forgiveness and for Paradise, vast as heaven and earth and readied for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. Such is Allah's bounty. He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is the Fountainhead of the greatest bounty
57:22  No affliction affects the earth or your own selves unless recorded in a Book, before We clear it. That is indeed easy for Allah
57:23  So, may you not despair over what has eluded you, nor exult over what He has given you. And Allah loves not any self-conceited boaster
57:24  Those [self-conceited boasters] who are miserly themselves, and urge others to be miserly! He who turns his back [from what Allah has ordained] should remember that Allah alone is self-sufficient and worthy of all praise
57:25  We did send Our messengers with clear proofs and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance [code of conduct] for men to act in all fairness. And We sent down the iron — of great inherent capacity as weapon of destruction as well as of benefits for mankind — so that Allah might know who would stand up for Him — without seeing Him — and His messengers.h Allah is Powerful, Omnipotent
57:26  And We did send Noah and Abraham and bestowed the prophethood and the Book upon men among their offspring. Some of the offspring were rightly guided, but many were depraved
57:27  Then, in their wake, We followed with [others of] Our Messengers and We followed with Jesus, son of Mary. And We gave him the Injeel [Gospel] and created compassion and mercy in the minds of those who followed him. And they innovated monasticism — We did not prescribe it for them — just to please Allah. But then, they did not observe it the way it should have been observed. So We gave those who believed their reward. And many of them were depraved
57:28  O those who believe! Fear Allah and believe in His messenger. He will show mercy upon you in double measure, provide a light for you to walk in, and forgive you. He is Forgiving, Merciful
57:29  [Allah forgives the believers and is merciful to them] so that the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] should know that they have no power whatsoever over Allah's bounty and that His bounty is entirely in His Hand. He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is the Fountainhead of the greatest bounty