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57:1  Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies GodHe is the Mighty, the Wise One
57:2  He has sovereign control over the heavens and the earth. He gives life and brings death. He has power over all things
57:3  He is the First and the Last, the Outward and the Inward. He has knowledge of all things
57:4  It was He who created the heavens and earth in six Days [periods] and then ascended the throne. He knows what enters the earth and what comes out of it; what descends from the sky and what ascends to it. He is with you wherever you are; He sees all that you do
57:5  He has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. All affairs will return to God
57:6  He causes the night to pass into the day and the day to pass into the night. And He knows all that is in the hearts of men
57:7  Have faith in God and His Messenger and spend in charity from that of which He has made you trustees: those of you who believe and give alms shall be richly rewarded
57:8  What could be your reason for not believing in God, when the Messenger calls on you to have faith in your Lord and He has already made a covenant with you, if indeed you are true believers
57:9  It is He who sends down to His Servant clear revelations, so that He may lead you out of darkness into light. God is indeed compassionate and merciful to you
57:10  Why should you not spend for the cause of God, when God alone holds the heritage of the heavens and the earth? Those of you who spent and fought before the victory will be higher in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards.[44] Yet God has promised you all a good reward. He is aware of all that you do
57:11  Who will offer God a generous loan? He will double it for him and give him a rich reward
57:12  On the Day, you [Prophet] shall see the faithful, both men and women, with their light streaming out before them and on their right hands, [and you shall hear a voice saying to them:] Glad tidings for you today! You shall enter gardens with rivers flowing through them wherein you shall forever dwell. That is the supreme triumph
57:13  On that Day, the hypocrites, both men and women, will say to the faithful, Wait a while for us, so that we may have some of your light. They will be told, Turn back and look for a light elsewhere. A wall will then be raised between them. It will have a gate on the inside of which will be grace and mercy and on the outside of which will be punishment
57:14  The hypocrites will call out to the faithful: Were we not on your side? They will reply, Yes, but you gave in to temptation, you wavered and doubted and were deceived by your wishful thinking until God's will was done; then the Deceiver [Satan] misled you about God
57:15  So this Day no ransom can be taken from you nor from those who were bent on denying the truth. Your home is the fire; that is your companion, and a hapless journeys end
57:16  Has the time not come for the faithful when their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of God and of the revelation of truth, so that they should not become like those who were given the Book before them, whose hearts with the passage of time became hardened and many of whom were disobedient
57:17  Remember that God brings the earth back to life after its death. We have made Our signs clear to you, so that you may fully understand
57:18  Alms-givers, both men and women, who give a generous loan to God, shall have it multiplied and shall have an honourable reward
57:19  Those who believe in God and His messengers are the truthful ones and the witnesses in the sight of their Lord. They shall have their reward and their light. But those who are bent on denying the truth and reject Our signs shall be destined for Hell
57:20  Never forget that the life of this world is only a game and a passing delight, a show, and mutual boasting and trying to outrival each other in riches and children. It is like the growth of vegetation after the rain, which delights the planter, but which then withers away, turns yellow and becomes worthless stubble. In the life to come there will be a terrible punishment, or God's forgiveness and approval: the life of this world is nothing but means of deception
57:21  Vie with one another for your Lords forgiveness and for a Paradise as vast as heaven and earth, which has been made ready for those who believe in God and His messengers. Such is God's grace. He bestows it upon whoever He pleases. There is no limit to God's bounty
57:22  No misfortune can affect the earth or your own selves without its first having been recorded in a book, before We bring it into being. That is easy for God to do
57:23  so that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor be exultant over what you have gained. God loves neither the conceited nor the boastful
57:24  nor those who, being miserly themselves, urge others to be miserly. He who turns his back should remember that God alone is self-sufficient and worthy of all praise
57:25  We sent Our messengers with evidence and, with them, We sent down the Book and the Scales of Justice, so that men might act in all fairness. We sent down iron with its great inherent strength and its many benefits for mankind, so that God might know who would stand up for God, though unseen, and His messengers. God is powerful, and almighty
57:26  We sent forth Noah and Abraham and bestowed upon their offspring prophethood and the Book. Some of them were rightly guided, but many others were transgressors
57:27  Then, in their wake, We followed them up with [others of] Our messengers and after them Jesus, son of Mary. We gave him the Gospel and imbued the hearts of those who followed him with compassion and mercy. But We did not prescribe monasticism for them: that was their own innovation by which they sought to please God. But then, they did not observe it in the way that it should have been observed. So We rewarded only those who were truly faithful, for many of them were disobedient
57:28  Believers, fear God and believe in His messenger. He will show you mercy in double measure and will provide a light for you to walk in. God will grant you forgiveness. He is forgiving and merciful
57:29  The People of the Book should know that they have no power whatsoever over God's grace. His grace is entirely in His hand and He bestows it upon whoever He wills. God is truly infinite in His bounty