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57:1  Whatever is in heaven and earth singeth praise unto God; and He is mighty and wise
57:2  His is the kingdom of heaven and earth; He giveth life, and He putteth to death; and He is almighty
57:3  He is the first, and the last; the manifest, and the hidden: And He knoweth all things
57:4  It is He who created the heavens and the earth in six days; and then ascended his throne. He knoweth that which entereth into the earth, and that which issueth out of the same; and that which descendeth from heaven, and that which ascendeth thereto: And He is with you, wheresoever ye be: For God seeth that which ye do
57:5  His is the kindgom of heaven and earth; and unto God shall all things return
57:6  He causeth the night to succeed the day, and He causeth the day to succeed the night; and He knoweth the innermost part of men's breasts
57:7  Believe in God and his apostle, and lay out in alms a part of the wealth whereof God hath made you inheritors: For unto such of you as believe, and bestow alms, shall be given a great reward
57:8  And what aileth you, that ye believe not in God, when the apostle inviteth you to believe in your Lord; and He hath received your covenant concerning this matter, if ye believe any proposition
57:9  It is He who hath sent down unto his servant evident signs, that He may lead you out of darkness into light; for God is compassionate and merciful unto you
57:10  And what aileth you, that ye contribute not of your substance for the defence of God's true religion? Since unto God appertaineth the inheritance of heaven and earth. Those among you who shall have contributed and fought in defence of the faith, before the taking of Mecca, shall not be held equal with those who shall contribute and fight for the same afterwards. These shall be superiour in degree unto those who shall contribute and fight for the propagation of the faith after the abovementioned success: But unto all hath God promised a most excellent reward; and God well knoweth that which ye do
57:11  Who is he that will lend unto God an acceptable loan? For He will double the same unto him, and he shall receive moreover an honourable reward
57:12  On a certain day, thou shalt see the true believers of both sexes: Their light shall run before them, and on their right hands; and it shall be said unto them, good tidings unto you this day: Gardens through which rivers flow; ye shall remain therein for ever. This will be great felicity
57:13  On that day the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women shall say unto those who believe, stay for us, that we may borrow some of your light. It shall be answered, return back into the world, and seek light. And a high wall shall be set betwixt them, wherein shall be a gate, within which shall be mercy; and without it, overagainst the same, the torment of hell
57:14  The hypocrites shall call out unto the true believers, saying, were we not with you? They shall answer, yea; but ye seduced your own souls by your hypocrisy: And ye waited our ruin; and ye doubted concerning the faith; and your wishes deceived you, until the decree of God came, and ye died: And the deceiver deceived you concerning God
57:15  This day, therefore, a ransom shall not be accepted of you, nor of those who have been unbelievers. Your abode shall be hell fire: This is what ye have deserved; and an unhappy journey shall it be thither
57:16  Is not the time yet come unto those who believe, that their hearts should humbly submit to the admonition of God, and to that truth which hath been revealed; and that they be not as those unto whom the scripture was given heretofore, and to whom the time of forbearance was prolonged, but their hearts were hardened, and many of them were wicked doers
57:17  Know that God quickeneth the earth, after it hath been dead. Now have We distinctly declared our signs unto you, that ye may understand
57:18  Verily as to the almsgivers, both men and women, and those who lend unto God an acceptable loan, He will double the same unto them; and they shall moreover receive an honourable reward
57:19  And they who believe in God and his apostles, these are the men of veracity, and the witnesses in the presence of their Lord: They shall have their reward, and their light. But as to those who believe not, and accuse our signs of falsehood, they shall be the companions of hell
57:20  Know that this present life is only a toy and a vain amusement: And worldly pomp, and the affectation of glory among you, and the multiplying of riches and children, are as the plants nourished by the rain, the springing up whereof delighteth the husbandmen; afterwards they wither, so that thou seest the same turned yellow, and at length they become dry stubble. And in the life to come will be a severe punishment for those who covet worldly grandeur; and pardon from God, and favour for those who renounce it: For this present life is no other than a deceitful provision
57:21  Hasten with emulation to obtain pardon from your Lord, and paradise, the extent whereof equalleth the extent of heaven and earth, prepared for those who believe in God and his apostles. This is the bounty of God: He will give the same unto whom He pleaseth; and God is endued with great bounty
57:22  No accident happeneth in the earth, nor in your persons, but the same was entered in the book of our decrees, before We created it: Verily this is easy with God
57:23  And this is written lest ye immoderately grieve for the good which escapeth you, or rejoice for that which happeneth unto you; for God loveth no proud or vain-glorious person
57:24  or those who are covetous, and command men covetousness. And whoso turneth aside from giving alms; verily God is self-sufficient, worthy to be praised
57:25  We formerly sent our apostles with evident miracles and arguments; and We sent down with them the scriptures, and the balance, that men might observe justice: And We sent them down iron, wherein is mighty strength for war, and various advantages unto mankind: That God may know who assisteth him and his apostles in secret; for God is strong and mighty
57:26  We formerly sent Noah and Abraham, and We established in their posterity the gift of prophecy, and the scripture: And of them some were directed, but many of them were evil doers
57:27  Afterwards We caused our apostles to succeed in their footsteps; and We caused Jesus the son of Mary to succeed them, and We gave him the gospel: And We put in the hearts of those who followed him, compassion and mercy: But as to the monastic state, they instituted the same -- We did not prescribe it to them -- only out of a desire to please God; yet they observed not the same as it ought truly to have been observed. And We gave unto such of them as believed, their reward: But many of them were wicked doers
57:28  O ye who believe in the former prophets, fear God, and believe in his apostle Mohammed: He will give you two portions of his mercy, and He will ordain you a light wherein ye may walk, and He will forgive you; for God is ready to forgive and merciful
57:29  That those who have received the scriptures may know that they have not power over any of the favours of God, and that good is in the hand of God; He bestoweth the same on whom He pleaseth, for God is endued with great beneficence