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47:1  Those who reject (the truth) and divert from the way of Allah, their work is lost.
47:2  And those who believe and do good work and believe in what has been revealed to Muhammad, which is the truth from your Lord, He will cancel their bad deeds and improve their situation.
47:3  That is because those who reject (the truth) follow falsehood and those who believe follow the truth from their Lord; this is how Allah coins their examples for mankind.
47:4  So when you meet those who reject (the truth) - until the war settles -, strike their necks until you have weakened them, then tie them up firmly, after which you may be generous or ransom them; that is how it is, and if Allah pleased, He could have struck them down, but it is for Him to test some of you through others, and those who are killed in the way of Allah, their work will not be lost.
47:5  He will guide them and improve their situation.
47:6  And enter them into the garden which He has made known to them.
47:7  Oh you believers, if you help Allah, Allah helps you and makes your foothold firm.
47:8  And those who reject (the truth), they will be ruined and their work is lost.
47:9  That is because they disliked what Allah revealed, so He wastes their work.
47:10  Do they not travel on earth and see what the outcome was like for those before them? Allah brought destruction upon them, and for those who reject (the truth) is a similar fate.
47:11  This is because Allah is the protector of the believers and those who reject (the truth) have no protector.
47:12  Allah enters those who believe and do good work into gardens through which rivers flow, and those who reject (the truth) will have enjoyment and eat like the cattle eat, and the fire is their home.
47:13  And how many towns which were stronger than your town, which threw you out, did We destroy and they had no helper.
47:14  Is then one who follows clear proof from his Lord like one to whom his bad deeds appeal and they follow their desires?
47:15  The likeness of the garden, those who beware (of Allah) have been promised: there are rivers of water which is not polluted and rivers of milk which does not change its taste and rivers of wine which is pleasant for those who drink it and rivers of pure honey, and they will have all kinds of fruit there and forgiveness from their Lord; unlike those who remain in the fire and are given boiling water to drink, so it cuts their intestines.
47:16  And amongst them is he who listens to you until when they emerge from your presence they say to those who were given knowledge: what did he just say? Those are the ones whose hearts Allah has sealed and they follow their desires.
47:17  And those who follow the guidance, He increases them in guidance and gives them their awareness.
47:18  Are they then only waiting that the hour is upon them suddenly, whilst its signs have already come? So what reminder will they have when it reaches them?
47:19  Know then that there is no god but Allah and seek forgiveness for your sins and for the believing men and women, and Allah knows your movements and your abode.
47:20  And the believers say: why is no Surah being revealed? Then when a decisive Surah is revealed and fighting is mentioned in it, you see those in whose hearts is a disease looking at you as if surrounded by death - more befitting for them would be:
47:21  Obedience and appropriate words, then, once the matter has been decided, if they were true to Allah it would be better for them.
47:22  Would you not, if you turn away, cause corruption on earth and cut off your family ties?
47:23  Those are the ones whom Allah has cursed and whom He makes deaf and blinds their eyesight.
47:24  Do they not reflect on the Qur´an? Or are there locks upon their hearts?
47:25  Those who turn their backs after the guidance has been made clear to them, the devil gives them suggestions and hope.
47:26  That is because they say to those who dislike what Allah has sent: we obey you in some matters, and Allah knows their secrets.
47:27  So how will it be when the angels take them away and strike their faces and backs?
47:28  That is because they followed what displeases Allah and dislike His pleasure, so He wastes their work.
47:29  Or do those with a disease in their hearts think that Allah will not expose their grudges?
47:30  And if We pleased, We would show them to you so that you know them by their mark, but you will know them from the way they talk, and Allah knows your work.
47:31  We shall test you until We know those who strive amongst you and those who have patience, and We shall test your intelligence.
47:32  Those who reject (the truth) and divert from the way of Allah and break away from the messenger after the guidance has been made clear to them, they will not harm Allah the least, and He will waste their work.
47:33  Oh you believers, obey Allah and obey the messenger and do not spoil your work.
47:34  Those who reject (the truth) and divert from the way of Allah and then die in rejection, Allah will not forgive them.
47:35  So do not lose heart and call for a truce when you will come out on top, and Allah is with you and will not deprive you of your work.
47:36  For the life of this world is only play and pastime, and if you believe and beware, He will give you your reward and will not ask you for your wealth.
47:37  If He asked you for it and persisted you would withhold and He would expose your grudges.
47:38  You are the ones called to spend in the way of Allah, but amongst you is he who withholds - and whoever withholds only withholds from himself, and Allah is rich and you are poor; and if you turn away He will replace you with a different people who will not be like you.