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35:1  Allah is praised, the originator of the heavens and the earth who made the angels messengers with two, three and four wings. He increases in creation what He pleases, for Allah is able to do anything.
35:2  When Allah opens up mercy for people, nobody can withhold it, and when He withholds it, nobody after Him can send it, and He is mighty and wise.
35:3  Oh people, remember the blessings of Allah upon you. Is there a creator other than Allah who provides for you from the sky and the earth? There is no god but Him, so where to are you diverted?
35:4  And if they deny you, then messengers before you were previously denied, and to Allah return all things.
35:5  Oh people, Allah´s promise is true, so let not the life of the world mislead you and let not passing provisions mislead you about Allah.
35:6  For the devil is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy, for he calls his party to be amongst the inmates of the fire.
35:7  Those who reject (the truth) will have a severe punishment, and those who believe and do good work will have forgiveness and a great reward.
35:8  So what about him whose bad work appeals to him and he regards it as good? For Allah lets go astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases. So do not trouble yourself about them, for Allah knows what they get up to.
35:9  And Allah is who sends the winds, then they promote the clouds, then We direct them to a dead land and revive the earth with it after its death; like that will be the resurrection.
35:10  Whoever seeks strength, all strengths belongs to Allah, He supports the good word and elevates the righteous deed. And those who scheme bad deeds, for them is a severe punishment and their scheme is ruined.
35:11  And Allah created you from soil, then from a sperm, then made you into pairs; and no female carries nor gives birth but with His knowledge, and nobody grows old or has his age reduced but it is in a record, for that is easy for Allah.
35:12  And the two bodies of water are not the same: this one is sweet and palatable and can be drunk, and this is salty and unpalatable. And of each you eat fresh meat and extract jewellery which you wear. And you see the ship cut through them so that you seek of His bounty and that you would be grateful.
35:13  He blends the night into the day and blends the day into the night and made subservient the sun and the moon, each floats for a fixed term. That is Allah your Lord, His is the kingdom, and those you call besides Him do not own even the skin on a date stone.
35:14  When you call them, they do not hear your call, and if they heard it, they would not respond to you, and on the day of resurrection they will reject your idolatry, and only one who is informed can give you information.
35:15  Oh people, you are the poor in the sight of Allah, and Allah is rich and praiseworthy.
35:16  If He pleases, He can remove you and bring a new creation.
35:17  And that is not difficult for Allah.
35:18  And no-one burdened will carry another´s burden, and if someone weighed down asks for it to be lifted, nothing of it will be lifted, not even by a relative; for you warn only those who fear their Lord in secret and keep up prayer, and whoever purifies himself, purifies himself for his own good, and to Allah is the journey.
35:19  And the blind and the seeing are not the same.
35:20  Nor the darkness and the light.
35:21  Nor the shade and the full heat.
35:22  Nor are the living and the dead the same, for Allah makes whom He pleases listen, and you cannot make those in the graves listen.
35:23  For you are only a warner.
35:24  For We have sent you with the truth as a bringer of good news and a warner, and there has not been a community without a warner amongst them.
35:25  And if they deny you, then those before them already denied; their messengers came to them with clear proofs and with the scriptures and with the enlightening book.
35:26  Then I overtook those who rejected (the truth), and how was My rebuttal!
35:27  Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the sky, then We make fruit of different colours grow with it. And of the mountains there are white and red streaks, of different colours, and raven black.
35:28  And of the people and the animals and the cattle there are also different colours. Only those with knowledge amongst His servants fear Allah, for Allah is mighty and forgiving.
35:29  Those who recite the book of Allah and keep up prayer and spend of what We have provided them with secretly and openly hope for a trade which does not diminish.
35:30  So that Allah will repay them their reward and give them increase from His bounty, for He forgives and appreciates.
35:31  And what We have revealed to you of the book is the truth, confirming what came before, for Allah is informed of and sees His servants.
35:32  Then We gave the book as an inheritance to those of Our servants We chose, but amongst them is he who wrongs himself, and amongst them is he who is half-hearted, and amongst them is he who moves forward with good deeds by the permission of Allah - that is the great blessing.
35:33  The gardens of Eden which they will enter, where they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their clothing there will be of silk.
35:34  And they will say: praised is Allah who took the worry from us, for our Lord forgives and appreciates.
35:35  Who permitted us the lasting abode by His blessing, no hardship afflicts us there and no exhaustion afflicts us there.
35:36  And those who reject (the truth), theirs is the fire of hell, it will not be terminated for them so that they die, and its punishment will not be lightened for them - this is how We reward every rejecter (of the truth).
35:37  And they will scream there: our Lord, take us out, we will do good work other than what we used to do. Did We not give you enough life to reflect, should anybody have wanted to, and the warner came to you? So taste, for there is no helper for the wrongdoers.
35:38  For Allah knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth, for He knows what is kept inside.
35:39  He is who made you successors on earth, so whoever rejects (the truth), his rejection is upon himself, and their rejection only increases those who reject in being detestable before their Lord, and their rejection only increases those who reject in loss.
35:40  Say: Look at your associates whom you call besides Allah; show me what they have created of the earth, or do they have a share in the heavens, or have We given them a book and they follow evidence from it? But the wrongdoers only promise each other an illusion.
35:41  Allah prevents the heavens and the earth from disintegrating, and if they disintegrated, nobody after Him could stop them, for He is gentle and forgiving.
35:42  And they swear by Allah their utmost oaths that if a warner came to them they would be better guided than any other community, then when a warner comes to them, it only increases their disagreement.
35:43  Arrogant on earth and scheming evil, and evil scheming only overtakes its owners; so do they wait but for the example of the earliest communities? For you will not find in the custom of Allah any change, and you will not find in the custom of Allah any alteration.
35:44  Do they not travel on earth and see what the outcome was like for those before them, and they were stronger than them in power? And nothing escapes Allah in the heavens nor on earth, for He is knowing and able.
35:45  And if Allah held people to account for what they committed (on earth), He would not leave a single creature on its back, but He gives them time until a fixed date, then when their date comes, then Allah did watch His servants.