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31:1  Alif, Laam, Miim
31:2  These are verses of the Wise Book
31:3  A guide and a mercy to the doers of good
31:4  Those who establish prayer, give zakat, and have confidence in the hereafter
31:5  These are on guidance from their Lord, and it is these who will flourish
31:6  But there are among the people, those who purchase idle tales without knowledge or meaning, to mislead people from the path of God, and to throw ridicule on that path, for these there will be a crushing penalty
31:7  When Our signs are rehearsed to this type of person, he turns away in arrogance, as if he did not hear them, as if there were deafness in both his ears. Announce to him a terrible penalty
31:8  For those who believe and work righteous deeds, there will be gardens of bliss
31:9  To dwell therein forever. The promise of God is true, and He is Exalted in Power, the Wise
31:10  He created the heavens without any pillars that you can see, He set on the earth, mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you, and He scattered throughout it creatures of all kinds. We send down rain from the sky, and produce on the earth every kind of noble creature, in pairs
31:11  Such is the creation of God. Now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created. No, but the transgressors are in manifest error
31:12  We bestowed in the past, this wisdom on Luqman, “Show your gratitude to God.” Any who is grateful, does so to the profit of his own soul, but if any is ungrateful, indeed God is free of all wants, worthy of all praise
31:13  Behold, Luqman said to his son by way of instruction, “O my son, do not join in worship others with God, for false worship is indeed the highest wrongdoing.
31:14  And We have instructed man to be good to his parents. With hardship upon hardship did his mother bear him, and two years was his weaning. Hear the command, “Show gratitude to Me and to your parents, and to Me is your final goal
31:15  “But if they strive to make you join in worship with Me, things of which you do not know, follow them not, yet accompany them in this life with justice and consideration, and follow the way of those who turn to me in love. In the end, the return of you all is to Me, and I will tell you the truth and meaning of all that you did.
31:16  “O my son,” said Luqman, “If there were the weight of a mustard-seed, and it were hidden in a rock, or anywhere in the heavens or on earth, God will bring it out, for God understands the greatest mysteries, and is well acquainted with them
31:17  “O my son, establish prayer, encourage what is just, and discourage what is wrong, and bear with patient constancy whatever may happen to you, for this is firmness of purpose in the conduct of affairs
31:18  “And do not turn your cheek to people, nor walk in insolence through the earth, for God loves not any arrogant boaster
31:19  “And be moderate in your pace, and lower your voice, for the harshest of sounds without doubt is the braying of the donkey.
31:20  Do you not see that God has subjected to your use, all things in the heavens and on earth, and has made his bounties flow to you in exceeding measure, both seen and unseen? Yet there are among humanity those who dispute about God, without knowledge and without guidance, and without a book to enlighten them
31:21  When they are told to follow the revelation that God has sent down they say, “No, we will follow the ways that we found our fathers following, “What, even if it is Satan beckoning them to the penalty of the blazing fire
31:22  Whoever submits his whole self to God, and is a doer of good, has indeed grasped the most trustworthy handhold, and with God rests the end and the decision of all affairs
31:23  But if any do not believe, do not let his rejection grieve you. To Us is their return, and We will tell them the truth of their deeds, for God knows well all that is in the heart
31:24  We grant them their pleasure for a little while. In the end, We will drive them to a chastisement unrelenting
31:25  If you ask them who it is that created the heavens and the earth they will certainly say, “God.” Say, “Praise God.” But most of them do not understand
31:26  To God belong all things in heaven and earth, indeed God is He Who is free of all wants, worthy of all praise
31:27  And if all the trees on earth were pens and the ocean were ink, with seven oceans behind it to add to its supply, still the words of God would not be exhausted, for God is Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom
31:28  And you are not created nor resurrected except as one soul, for God is He Who hears and sees all things
31:29  Do you not see that God merges night into day, and He merges day into night. He has subjected the Sun and the Moon to His Law, each running its course for a term appointed. And that God is well acquainted with all that you do
31:30  God is the Reality, and whatever else they invoke besides Him is falsehood, and God, He is the Highest, the Greatest
31:31  Do you not see that the ships sail through the world ocean by the grace of God that He may show you His signs? Indeed in this are signs for all who persevere and give thanks
31:32  When a wave covers them like canopies, they call to God, offering Him sincere devotion, but when He has delivered them safely to land, there are among them those that halt between right and wrong. But none reject Our signs except every ungrateful traitor
31:33  O humanity, do your duty to your Lord, and be aware of a day when neither a parent can do anything for their child, nor a child for their parent. Indeed the promise of God is true. So do not let this present life deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver delude you about God
31:34  Indeed the knowledge of the Hour is with God. It is He Who sends down rain, and He Who knows what is in the wombs, and no one knows what it is that they will earn on the morrow, nor does anyone know in what land they are to die, indeed with God is full knowledge and He is acquainted with all things