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31:1  Alif, Lam, Mim (These are the names of letters of the Arab alphabet, and only Allah knows their meaning here)
31:2  Those (Literally: that) are the ayat (Verses or signs) of the Wise Book
31:3  A guidance and a mercy to the fair-doers
31:4  Who keep up the prayer and bring the Zakat, (i.e., pay the poor-dues) and they, (it is) they who have certitude concerning the Hereafter
31:5  Those are upon guidance from their Lord, and those are they (who) are the prosperers
31:6  And of mankind are (they) who trade diverting discourse to lead into error away from the way of Allah without knowledge, and to take it to themselves in mockery; those will have a degrading torment
31:7  And when Our ayat (Verses or signs) are recited to him, he turns away, waxing proud, as though he did not hear them, as though in his ears were obstruction. So give him (good) tiding (s) of a painful torment
31:8  Surely the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness, for them are Gardens of Bliss
31:9  Eternally (abiding) therein, a promise of Allah truly (binding), and He is The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Wise
31:10  He created the heavens without pillars you (can) see, and He cast in the earth anchorages (i.e., the mountains) so that it does not reel with you, and He disseminated in it all (manner) of beast. And We sent down from the heaven water, so We caused to grow therein all (manner) of honorable pair
31:11  This is the creation of Allah. So show me what (others) have created that are apart from Him! No indeed, (but) the unjust are in evident error
31:12  And indeed We already brought Luqman (the) wisdom, saying, "Give thanks to Allah. And whoever gives thanks (to Allah), then surely he gives thanks only for himself; (i.e., for his own benefit) and whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah is Ever-Affluent, Ever-Praiseworthy."
31:13  And as Luqman said to his son (while) he was admonishing him, "O my son, do not associate (others) with Allah. Surely associating (others with Allah) is indeed a monstrous injustice."
31:14  And We have enjoined upon man concerning his parents- his mother conceived him in feebleness upon feebleness, and his weaning was in two seasons. Give thanks to Me and to your parents; to Me is the Destiny
31:15  And in case they (both) strive with you that you associate with Me that of which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them, and keep them company in the present (life) (Literally: the lowly "life", i.e., the life of this world) with beneficence. And closely follow the way of him who (turns) penitent to Me. Thereafter to Me will be your return; then I will (fully) inform you of whatever you were doing."
31:16  "O my son, surely in case it be the weight of one grain of mustard-seed, and it be in a rock, or in the heavens, or in the earth, Allah will come up with it; (i.e., bring it) surely Allah is Ever-Kind, Ever-Cognizant
31:17  O my son, keep up the prayer, and command beneficence, and forbid malfeasance, and (endure) patiently whatever may afflict you. Surely that is (an indication of true) resolve concerning His Commands
31:18  And do not turn your cheek away haughtily from mankind, and do not walk in the earth merrily. Surely Allah does not love everyone (who is) always conceited, (and) constantly boastful
31:19  And be moderate in your walk, and tone down your voice; surely the most repugnant of voices is indeed that of the asses."
31:20  Have you not seen that Allah has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and He has conferred upon you His favors, outward and inward. And of mankind is he who disputed concerning Allah without knowledge, nor guidance, nor an enlightening Book
31:21  And when it is said to them, "Closely follow what Allah has sent down, " they say, "No indeed, (but) we closely follow what we found our fathers (doing)." And even if Ash-Shaytan (The ever-vicious "one", i.e., the Devil) were calling them to the torment of the Blaze
31:22  And whoever surrenders his face to Allah, and he is a fair-doer, then he has upheld fast the most binding Grip; and to Allah is the end of (all) Commands
31:23  And whoever disbelieves, do not let his disbelief grieve you; to Us will be their return; then We will fully inform them of what they did. Surely Allah is Ever-Knowing of the (inmost thoughts) within the breasts (Literally: what the breasts own)
31:24  To them We give enjoyment a little; thereafter We constrain them to a harsh torment
31:25  And indeed in case you ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" indeed they will definitely say, " Allah." Say, "Praise be to Allah." No indeed, (but) most of them do not know
31:26  To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth; surely Allah, Ever He, is The Ever-Affluent, The Ever-Praiseworthy
31:27  And if whatever tree (s) in the earth were pens, and the sea (and) seven more seas even after it (were) to replenish it, (yet) in no way would the Words of Allah be depleted. Surely Allah is Ever-Mighty, Ever-Wise
31:28  In no way is your creation or your rising up anything except as that of a single self; surely Allah is Ever-Hearing, Ever-Beholding
31:29  Have you not seen that Allah inserts the night into the daytime and inserts the daytime into the night; and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each of them running on to a stated term, and that Allah is Ever-Cognizant of whatever you do
31:30  That is for that Allah, Ever He, is The Truth, and what they invoke, apart from Him, is the untruth; and for that Allah, Ever He, is The Ever-Exalted, The Ever-Great
31:31  Have you not seen that the ships run in the sea by the favor of Allah, that He may show you (some) of His signs? Surely in that are indeed signs for everyone (who is) most patient, constantly thankful
31:32  And when the waves envelop them like overshadowings, they invoke Allah, making the religion His faithfully; yet as soon as He delivers them safe to the land, then (some) of them are moderate; and in no way does anybody repudiate Our signs except everyone (who is) a most perfidious, constantly ungrateful disbeliever
31:33  O you mankind, be pious to your Lord and be apprehensive of a Day (when) no parent will recompense (for good or evil) for his child, and no begotten (child) will offer recompense (for good or evil) for his parent in anything. Surely the promise of Allah is true. So definitely do not let the present life (Literally: the lowly "life", i.e., the life of this world) delude you, and definitely do not let the Deluder delude you concerning Allah
31:34  Surely Allah, Ever He, has in His Providence knowledge of the Hour; and He sends down succoring (rain); and He knows what is in the wombs; and in no way does any self realize what it will earn tomorrow, and in no way does any self realize in whichever land it will die. Surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognizant