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92:1  By the night when it cover
92:2  and by the day when it show
92:3  and by what created the male and the female
92:4  indeed your efforts are different
92:5  As for anyone who gives and controls himsel
92:6  and confirms the goodness
92:7  then We are going to get him ready for the easy way
92:8  And as for anyone who is stingy and supposes he has no nee
92:9  and denies the goodnes
92:10  then We are going to get him ready for the difficult way,
92:11  and his wealth will be of no use when he falls (dead)
92:12  Indeed the guidance is Our responsibility
92:13  And the hereafter and the first (this world) belong to Us
92:14  So I warn you of a flaming fire
92:15  no one enters (and burns in) it except the most unfortunate
92:16  the one who denied and turned away
92:17  And the more cautious (of God) are going to be kept away from it
92:18  The one who gives his wealth to be purified
92:19  And no one has any favor with Him to be rewarded (for it
92:20  except (anyone who) looks for the attention (and pleasure) of his Master, the highest
92:21  and he is going to be pleased