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92:1  By the night when it covers
92:2  And the day when it appears
92:3  And He created the male and female
92:4  Your works are various
92:5  As for he who gives and is righteous
92:6  And trusts in goodness
92:7  We will make the easy path for him
92:8  And as for he who is stingy and holds back
92:9  And denies goodness
92:10  We will make the difficult path for him
92:11  And his wealth will not avail him when he demises
92:12  It is upon Us to guide
92:13  And to Us is the end and the beginning
92:14  I have warned you of a Fire that blazes
92:15  None shall reach it but the wicked
92:16  The one who denies and turns away
92:17  As for the righteous, he will be spared it
92:18  The one who gives his money to develop with
92:19  Seeking nothing in return
92:20  Except the face of His Lord, the Most High
92:21  And he will be satisfied