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92:1  Hereby God swears by the night as it covers the earth
92:2  And by the day which appears after night with its glorious light in the morning
92:3  And by the One Who creates male and female in a proportional order to carry on the life
92:4  There are many style of life that man has absolute freedom to choose
92:5  The one who chooses to get involved in charitable actions and adores God with awe
92:6  And believes in Goodness
92:7  God will make his path to the salvation easy
92:8  But the one who is greedy, not generous and thinks that he does not need anyone
92:9  and makes mockery of charity and Goodness
92:10  God will not mind as the devil take over him and lead him to the wrong path
92:11  What good does his wealth make for him while he is slipping gradually toward Hell
92:12  Truly God provides only the Guidance
92:13  By assuring man that an ever lasting pleasure of Hereafter is better than a few day pleasure of this world
92:14  I (God) hereby warn you of the Blazing Fire of Hell
92:15  That only the miserable rebellious one will be thrown in
92:16  The one who denies God and turns to devil
92:17  As far as those who have obeyed God they will be spared from the Hell
92:18  They are the ones who purify their invoke by spending a part of it for charity
92:19  Without expecting any reward from the one that they have favored by their charitable actions
92:20  They simply do it to please God
92:21  God indeed will be pleased with them