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90:1  I (do not need to) swear by this town (‘Mecca’)
90:2  You are free, (O’ ‘Muhammad’, to punish or forgive the ‘Polytheists’) in this town.
90:3  By the father and that which he begets,
90:4  Indeed We have created man to cope with adversity
90:5  Does he think that no one can triumph over him?!
90:6  He says (boastfully): "I have squandered huge fortunes."
90:7  Does he think that no one sees him?
90:8  Have We not made for him two eyes,
90:9  A tongue, and two lips,
90:10  And shown him the two ways?
90:11  Yet he tried not to break through the ‘Steep Path’.
90:12  What would make you aware of what the ‘Steep Path’ might be?
90:13  It is setting a slave free
90:14  Or feeding hungry people in the days of famine,
90:15  An orphan near of kin,
90:16  Or a needy man living in misery,
90:17  Then he (who used to boast) is of those who adhere to Islamic monotheism, exhort one another to patience and exhort one another to compassion.
90:18  Those are the ‘companions of the right side’
90:19  But those who refuse to admit the truth of Our Revelations are the ‘companions of the left side’.
90:20  Upon them will be Fire closed over.