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91:1  By the sun and its early morning brightness.
91:2  By the moon when it follows it (-the sun-).
91:3  By the day when it shines with the luminosity of the sun.
91:4  By the night when it blurs it.
91:5  By the sky and He who had built it.
91:6  By the earth and He who had spread it out.
91:7  By the ‘Human Self’ and He who had perfectly fashioned it.
91:8  He inspired it to distinguish between its wickedness and morality.
91:9  Indeed, He who indulges in purity will ultimately achieve a blissful life/or gain eternal salvation.
91:10  And Verily he who plunges himself into sin is doomed to eternal perdition.
91:11  (The tribe of) ‘Thamūd’ belied (‘Sâlih’) out of arrogance,
91:12  When the most wretched ones among them walked in the path of disobedience,
91:13  The ‘Messenger’ of Allah said unto them: “Beware! It is the ‘She-camel’ of Allâh. Exclude it not from having its share of drinking!”
91:14  But they belied him and so they hamstrung it. Thus, their Lord (completely) destroyed them for their sin, and made them equal in destruction.
91:15  Indeed He fears not its consequence.