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90:1  I swear by this city (Makkah, where it is prohibited to harm anyone),
90:2  you (O Muhammad) are free (from sin to punish the enemies of Islam) in this city (Makkah),
90:3  and by the father (Adam) and the children which he begot (mankind),
90:4  surely, We have created human in toil (to work hard).
90:5  Does human think that none can overcome them?
90:6  Human says (boastfully): “I have wasted wealth in abundance!”
90:7  Does human thinks that none sees them?
90:8  Have We not made for them a pair of eyes (to see)?
90:9  And a tongue and a pair of lips (to control)?
90:10  And shown him the 2 ways (good and evil)?
90:11  Yet, human has not attempted to pass on the steep path (Aqabah)!
90:12  And what will make you know what the steep path is?
90:13  (It is) the freeing of a neck (slave from bondage);
90:14  or giving food in a day of hunger (famine)
90:15  to an orphan relative,
90:16  or to a poor clinging to dust (out of misery)
90:17  then human should be one of those who believe, recommend one another to the patience, and recommend one another to kindness and compassion.
90:18  They are the people of the Right Hand (people of Paradise).
90:19  But those who disbelieve in Our revelations, they are the people of the left hand (people of hell),
90:20  with the fire all around them.