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91:1  By the sun and its brightness,
91:2  by the moon as it follows it (sun),
91:3  by the day as it shows up (the sun’s) brightness,
91:4  by the night as it conceals it (the sun),
91:5  by the heaven and Him who built it,
91:6  by the earth and Him who spread it,
91:7  by the soul and Him who perfected it in proportion;
91:8  and He inspired him with (knowledge of) what is wrong for him and what is right for him.
91:9  Indeed one will succeed who purifies his own self (obey Allah),
91:10  and indeed one will fail who corrupts him (disobey Allah).
91:11  Thamud (people) denied (their prophet) through their transgression (by rejecting the truth)
91:12  when the most wicked person among them went out (to kill the she-camel).
91:13  The Messenger of Allah (Saleh) said to them: “That is the she-camel of Allah! (Don’t harm it and don’t stop it from) its drink.”
91:14  They denied him and killed her. So their Lord destroyed them because of their sin, and made them equal in destruction (leveled to ground).
91:15  And He has no fear of its consequences.