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90:1  I swear by this city (Mecca)
90:2  (O My Esteemed Beloved,) because you are residing in it.
90:3  (O My Esteemed Beloved!) By (your) father (Adam or Ibrahim [Abraham]) and by those who are born,
90:4  Indeed, We have created man (ever suffering) in rigours
90:5  Does he think that no one can ever overpower him
90:6  (Boasting,) he says: ‘I have spent heaps of wealth.
90:7  Does he think that no one has seen him (making this extravagant spending)
90:8  Have We not made for him two eyes
90:9  And (have We not given him) a tongue and two lips
90:10  And (have We also not) shown him the two highways (of good and evil)
90:11  But he has not yet attempted the steep ascent (of the Din [Religion]) of truth and the practical life dedicated to good and piety)
90:12  And what have you thought of the steep ascent (of the rigours of the Din [Religion] of truth)
90:13  It is freeing a neck (from slavery and subjugation)
90:14  Or feeding on a day of scarcity (the poor and the needy during famine and scarcity i.e., striving to put an end to their sufferings and economic crises)
90:15  The orphaned relative
90:16  Or the poverty-stricken destitute who is completely rundown (and homeless)
90:17  (Provided this striving soul is) one of those who believe and advise one another patience and tolerance and urge one another for mutual affection and mercy
90:18  These are the people of the Right Hand (i.e., the privileged and the pardoned)
90:19  And those who reject Our signs are the people of the Left Hand (the callous and the doomed)
90:20  Fire will be enclosed upon them (covering from all sides)