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91:1  By the sun and by its brightness
91:2  And by the moon when it follows the sun (i.e., reflects sunshine)
91:3  And by the day when it displays the sun (i.e., brings it forth shining)
91:4  And by the night when it draws a veil over the sun (from one of the hemispheres of the earth)
91:5  And by the heaven and by that (energy) which built it (with Allah’s permission in the form of a vast universe)
91:6  And by the earth and by that (force which, by Allah’s command,) pulled it (from the sun far) apart
91:7  And by the human soul and by the One Who provided it with an all-dimensional poise, proportion and perfection
91:8  Then He inspired it with (discrimination between) vice and virtue
91:9  Indeed, the one who purifies his (ill-commanding) self (from all vain and vicious desires and cultivates in it virtue and piousness) succeeds
91:10  But the one who corrupts himself (in sins and suppresses virtue) is doomed indeed
91:11  The people of Thamud rejected (their Messenger Salih) due to their rebellion
91:12  When the most wretched of them stood up
91:13  Allah’s Messenger said to them: ‘Guard (that) she-camel and (the time of) her taking water.
91:14  But they rejected the Messenger and hamstrung (the she-camel). So because of their sin, their Lord sent down destruction on them, and levelled (them all in the torment devastating) the town
91:15  And Allah does not fear any repercussions of this (devastation)