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85:1  I swear by the sky which is fraught with constellations:
85:2  And by the Promised Day of Judgment:
85:3  By the witness and what is witnessed!
85:4  Woe betide the makers of the ditch
85:5  Of fire fiercely burning (for those who live by Faith)
85:6  When they seated themselves around it
85:7  Watching what they were doing against those who live by Faith.
85:8  They resented them only because they had faith in Allâh, the Almighty, Worthy of all Praise:
85:9  The One to Whom belongs the (absolute) sovereignty of the Heavens and the Earth. And Allâh is Witness over all things.
85:10  Most surely those who persecute the monotheistic believers, men and women, and then do not repent, they will be subjected to the punishment of Hell and the torment of burning.
85:11  Most surely those who live by Faith and strive to do righteous acts, they will have gardens beneath which rivers flow. That is the most ultimate success and the supreme one.
85:12  Most assuredly the assault of your Lord is extremely severe
85:13  For He is certainly the One Who originates and brings again.
85:14  And He is the Oft-forgiving, the All- Loving,
85:15  The Glorious Lord of the Throne,
85:16  Doer of whatever He desires.
85:17  Has there come to you the anecdote of the soldiers,
85:18  Of Pharaoh and (the tribe of) Thamūd?
85:19  In fact, those who refuse to yield to the Truth persist in denying It.
85:20  And Allâh encompasses them on every side.
85:21  In fact, it is a Glorious Qurʾān,
85:22  Kept in Preserved Tablet!