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86:1  I swear by firmament and the Night Visitor!
86:2  And what will make you know exactly what the Night Visitor is?
86:3  It is the piercing star.
86:4  I swear by these that every one has Angelic Guards.
86:5  Let man, then, consider of what he is created:
86:6  He is created from gushing water
86:7  Emerging from between the backbone and ribs.
86:8  Surely He is Most Capable of bringing him back to life after death,
86:9  On the Day when the secrets of the heart are laid bare.
86:10  Then man will have neither power nor any helper.
86:11  I swear by the firmament that sends back the rain again,
86:12  And by the earth that bursts open:
86:13  Surely this Qurʾān is the decisive word.
86:14  And It’s not an idle tale.
86:15  Those who (indulge in hypocrisy) are but plotting an elaborate plot
86:16  But I, too, devise plans
86:17  Now, therefor, grant those who are spiritually dead and blind a respite: And let them alone for a while.