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62:1  ALL that is in the Heavens, and all that is on the Earth, uttereth the Praise of God, the King! the Holy! the Mighty! the Wise
62:2  It is He who hath sent to the pagan folk (Arabs) an Apostle from among themselves, to rehearse His signs to them, and to purify them, and to impart to them a knowledge of "the Book" and wisdom; for aforetime were they in manifest error
62:3  And others among them have not yet overtaken those who preceded them in the faith. But He is the Mighty, the Wise
62:4  This is the goodness of God: He bestoweth it on whom He will: God is of immense goodness
62:5  They on whom the burden of the law was laid, and would not bear it, are like an ass beneath a load of books. A sorry likeness this, for the people who give the lie to the signs of God! God guideth not the people who do this wrong
62:6  SAY: O ye Jews, if ye profess that ye rather than other men are the friends of God, then wish for death if ye are men of truth
62:7  But never on account of their previous handywork will they wish for it, and God knoweth the wrong doers
62:8  SAY: Verily the death from which ye flee will surely meet you. Then shall ye be brought back to Him who knoweth alike the things done in secret and openly: and He will tell you of your actions
62:9  O ye who believe! When ye are summoned to prayer on the day of THE ASSEMBLY, haste to the commemoration of God, and quit your traffic. This, if ye knew it, will be best for you
62:10  And when the Prayer is ended, then disperse yourselves abroad and go in quest of the bounties of God; and, that it may be well with you, oft remember God
62:11  But when they get a sight of merchandise or sport, they disperse after it, and leave thee standing alone. SAY: God hath in reserve what is better than sport or wares. And God is the best provider