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59:1  May whatever is in the skies and of the earth declare the praises and glory of Allah. He is the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise!
59:2  It is He who expelled the unbelievers among the people of the Book from their homes at the first assembly [for war]. You did not think they would leave. They thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allah. But Allah came to them from where they did not expect. (He) cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their homes by their own hands as well as the hands of the believers. Take warning, then, those of you with insight.
59:3  If Allah had not decreed exile for them, He would certainly have punished them in this world. In the hereafter, they will have the punishment of fire.
59:4  That is because they opposed Allah and His messenger. For whoever opposes Allah, truly Allah is severe in punishment.
59:5  Whether you cut down palm trees or left them standing on their roots, it was by Allah’s will. [This is] so He might disgrace the rebellious sinners.
59:6  For what [spoils] Allah has bestowed on His messenger from (the enemies), you made no expedition with horses or camels. But Allah gives power to His messengers over any He pleases. Allah is Most Capable over all things.
59:7  What Allah has bestowed on His messenger from the towns’ inhabitants belongs to Allah, His messenger, relatives and orphans, and the needy and the traveler. [This is] so it won’t circulate only among the wealthy among you. Take what the messenger assigns to you, and refrain from what he forbids you. Fear Allah. Truly, Allah is severe in punishment.
59:8  [Some of it is due] to the poor refugees who were expelled from their homes and properties. [They] sought grace from Allah and His good pleasure. [They] assisted Allah and His messenger. Such people are truly sincere.
59:9  [Consider] those who, before them, had homes and had adopted the faith. [They] love those who came to them for refuge. [They] have no desire in their hearts for things given to (the refugees). Instead, they give them preference over themselves, even though they were in poverty. Those saved from the desires of their own souls are the ones who achieve success.
59:10  Those who came after them say, “Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers/sisters who came before us into the faith. Do not leave in our hearts any ill will against those who have believed. Our Lord, you are indeed the Kindest, Most Merciful.
59:11  Have you not observed the hypocrites? [They] say to their unbelieving brothers/sisters among the people of the Book, “If you are expelled, we too will go with you.” [They say,] “We will never obey anyone concerning you. If you are attacked, we will help you.” Allah bears witness that they are indeed liars.
59:12  If they are expelled, they will never go with them. If they are attacked, they will never help them. If they do help them, they will turn their backs. They will receive no help.
59:13  Certainly, they fear you more than they fear Allah. This is because they are people lacking understanding.
59:14  They will not fight you together, except in fortified communities or from behind walls. They fight strongly among themselves. You would think they would be united, but their hearts are divided. That is because they are a people without reasoning skills.
59:15  Like those who recently preceded them, they have tasted the evil result of their conduct. A horrible punishment awaits them.
59:16  They are like Satan when he says to a person, “Don’t believe!” When disbelief occurs, however, (Satan) says, “I am free of you. Truly, I do fear Allah the Lord of the Worlds.”
59:17  The demise of both of them will be that they will go into the fire, dwelling therein continuously. Such is the reward of the sinners!
59:18  O Believers, fear Allah, and may every soul observe what he/she has invested for tomorrow. Observe your duty to Allah, for Allah is well acquainted with what you do.
59:19  Do not be like those who forgot Allah. He made them forget their own souls. That is the way of the rebellious sinners.
59:20  The companions of the fire and the companions of Paradise are not equal. The companions of Paradise will achieve success.
59:21  If We had sent this Qur’an upon a mountain, truly you would have seen (the mountain) humble itself and rip apart for the fear of Allah. Such are the similes that we explain to people so they may reflect.
59:22  Allah is He besides whom there is no deity. He knows both secrets and proclamations. He is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
59:23  Allah is He besides whom there is no deity. He is the Absolute Ruler, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Source of Salvation, the Protector, the Victorious, the Compeller, and the Majestic. Glory belongs to Allah who is above any partners attributed to Him!
59:24  He is God the Creator, the Organizer, the Designer. To Him belong the most beautiful names. All that is of the skies and Earth declare His praises and glory, and He is the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise.