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59:1  Everything in the skies and everything on the earth glorifies God, and He is the powerful, the wise.
59:2  He is the One Who drove out those who disbelieved among people of the book from their homes for the first forced emigration. You did not think that they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them against God, but God came to them from where they did not expect, and He threw horror in their hearts. They destroyed their homes with their own hands and the believers' hands. So, learn a lesson, (those of) you who have insight.
59:3  And if God had not prescribed the evacuation for them, He would have certainly punished them in this world, and they will have punishment of fire in the Hereafter.
59:4  That is because they opposed God and His messenger, and whoever opposes God, then God is indeed severe in the punishment.
59:5  Any palm tree that you cut down or you left it standing on its roots, it is by God's permission so that He (may) humiliate the disobedient ones.
59:6  And whatever God gave to His messenger (as spoil) from them, you did not bother (riding) any horse or camel for it, but God makes His messengers dominate over whomever He wants. God is capable of everything.
59:7  And whatever God gave to His messenger (as spoil) from people of the towns is for God and for the messenger and for the relatives (and close ones) and the orphans and the needy and the traveler (in need) so that it does not circulate between the rich among you. And whatever the messenger gave you then take it, and whatever he held you back from it then stay away from it, and be cautious of God. God is indeed severe in the punishment.
59:8  And (part of it) is for the poor immigrants, those who were driven out of their homes and their possessions and they look for God’s bounty and His pleasure and they help God and His messenger, they are the truthful ones.
59:9  And (part of it is for) those who settled down in the houses (in Medina) and in the faith before them, and they like anyone who emigrated to them, and they do not find any need in their chests/minds for what they (the immigrants) were given, and they prefer them over themselves even though poverty is among them. And anyone who protects himself from stinginess (and greed), then they are the successful ones.
59:10  And those who came after them say: “Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who came to faith before us, and do not put any resentment in our hearts toward those who believe; our Lord, you are gentle and merciful.”
59:11  Have you not seen those hypocrites who say to their brothers who disbelieve among people of the book: “If you are driven out, we shall leave with you, and we would never obey anyone against you, and we shall help you if you are fought.” God testifies that they are certainly liars.
59:12  If they are driven out, they (the hypocrites) would not leave with them, and if they are fought, they (the hypocrites) will not help them, and if they (want to) help them, they shall turn their backs (and run away), then they (the disbelievers) are not helped.
59:13  You are certainly more frightening than God in their chests/minds. That is because they are people who do not understand.
59:14  They do not fight all of you together unless in well-protected towns or from behind walls. Their hostility among themselves is severe. You think they are all together (and united) while their hearts are divided. That is because they are people who do not understand.
59:15  Same as those before them in the near past, they tasted the bad result of their affair, and they have a painful punishment.
59:16  Same as Satan when he says to the human being: “Disbelieve.” Then when he disbelieves, he (Satan) says: “I am free of you (and have nothing to do with you), I fear (the punishment of) God, the Lord of humankind.”
59:17  The end of both of them is in the fire, remaining in there forever, and that is the punishment of the wrongdoers.
59:18  You who believe, be cautious of God, everyone should watch what he sends ahead for tomorrow, and be cautious of God. God is well informed of what you do.
59:19  And do not be like those who forgot God, so He made them forget themselves (to send ahead some good for themselves). They are the disobedient ones.
59:20  Inhabitants of the fire and inhabitants of the garden are not equal. Inhabitants of the garden, they are the triumphant ones.
59:21  If We had sent down this Quran to a mountain, you would have certainly seen it humbly breaking up from fear of God. And that is among the examples that We give for people, so that they may think.
59:22  He is God, the One that there is no god except Him, knower of the unseen and the visible, He is the beneficent, the merciful.
59:23  He is God, the One that there is no god except Him, the ruler, the holy, the (source of) peace, the (source of) security, the guardian, the powerful, the enforcer (of His will), the supreme. God is flawless of what they associate (with Him).
59:24  He is God, the creator, the inventor, the designer. All the good attributes (and names) belong to Him. Everything in the skies and on the earth glorifies Him, and He is the powerful, the wise.