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58:2  And (remember) when We said: “Enter this town, and eat as much as you want from anywhere you want, and enter the gate humbly and say remove (and reduce our sins), so that We forgive your mistakes, and We are going to increase the good doers (in rewards and in numbers).”
58:3  This (is what) We read to you from the signs and the wise reminder.
58:4  Indeed God orders you to return the trust to their owners, and when you judge between people, judge with justice. Indeed what God advises you to it is excellent. God hears all and sees all.
58:5  And when you call for mandatory prayer they take it as a joke and a game, that is because they are a group who do not understand.
58:6  Say: “If what you want to rush it was with me then the matter would have been settled between me and you, and God best knows the wrongdoers.”
58:7  And the good land brings out its plants with its Lord’s permission, but the one that is bad only brings out sparsely. This is how We explain Our signs (and verses) for people who are thankful.
58:8  And if you fear betrayal of any group, then throw back (their treaty) at them in the same way. Indeed God does not like the betrayers.
58:9  And some of them criticize you regarding (distribution of) charities, if they are given from it they are happy, and if they are not given from it then they get angry.
58:10  Say: “They should be happy with God’s grace and His mercy.” That is better than what they accumulate.
58:11  And when Our command came, We saved Hud and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and We saved them from a severe punishment.
58:12  And Joseph's brothers came and entered upon him (in the time of famine). So he recognized them while they did not recognize him.
58:15  They said: “Indeed we are sent to the guilty people,
58:16  And when the news of (birth of) a female is given to one of them, his face turns dark and he holds back his anger.
58:17  There is not any town that We do not destroy or punish it with a severe punishment before the Resurrection Day. That is written down in the book.
58:18  And your Lord is the forgiving, having mercy. If He was to take them to account for what they have done, He would have certainly rushed the punishment for them, but there is an appointed time for them, from which they never find a refuge.
58:19  They are those whom God favored upon them among the prophets from descendants of Adam and from those whom We carried with Noah (in the Ark) and from descendants of Abraham and Israel (Jacob), and from those whom We guided and We chose. When signs of the beneficent were read to them, they fell down prostrating (being humble) and crying.
58:20  We shall bring you a magic like it, so make an appointment between us, which neither we nor you break it, in a level (and impartial) place.”
58:21  So he made them into small pieces except the biggest one of them, so that they may return to him.
58:22  And those who migrated in God's way, then they were killed or died, God shall provide them with a good provision, and indeed God is the best of providers.
58:23  and who believe in their Lord’s signs
58:24  You who believe, those whom your right hands own and those (children) among you who have not reached puberty should ask your permission at three times (before coming to your rooms). Before morning mandatory prayer, and when you put off your clothes during noon time, and after evening mandatory prayer. (These are) three times of privacy for you. There is no blame on you or on them to circulate around you and each other at other times. That is how God clarifies the signs for you, and God is knowledgeable and wise.
58:25  And put your trust in the One Who lives and does not die, and glorify Him with His praise, and He is enough to be well informed about His servants' sins.
58:26  and treasures and honorable position.
58:27  And We poured down a rain (of stone) on them, and it was an awful rain on those who were warned.
58:28  And how many towns did We destroy that rejoiced (excessively) in their livelihood (and wealth)? So those are their houses, uninhabited after them, except a few, and We are the inheritors.
58:29  And those who believe and do good, We shall put them up in chambers of the garden which rivers flow through it, remaining in there forever. What an excellent reward for the doers (of good),
58:30  And We have certainly given all kinds of example in this Quran for people, and if you bring them a sign (miracle), those who disbelieve shall say: “You are only falsifiers.”
58:33  And those who harass the believing men and the believing women for other than what they did, then they have carried (the guilt of) a false accusation and an obvious sin.
58:36  Peace (and well-being) is the word of merciful Lord (to them).
58:37  Are we not to die (again)
58:38  and other kinds of that type.
58:39  Or when he sees the punishment he says: “If I had another chance, I would have been of the good doers.”
58:40  The blinds and those who see are not equal, and neither are those who believe and do good and bad doers. You take a little notice.
58:43  And they said: “Are our gods better or he?” They only gave you (this example) to argue. No, but they are argumentative people.
58:44  Indeed We made it (Quran) easy in your language so that they may take notice.
58:51  Indeed God is the provider, having the power and the definitive strength.
58:53  No one other than God can expose it.
58:55  They are like the ruby and the coral.
58:56  Have you considered what you ejaculate?