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34:1  All praise is due to God, to whom belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and to whom is due all praise in the ultimate end. And God is supremely wise and aware.
34:2  God knows what goes into the earth, and what comes out of it, and what descends from the sky, and what ascends to it. And God is most merciful, most forgiving.
34:3  But the ungrateful who disbelieve will say, "The hour will never come to us." Say, "Oh, no! It will surely come to you, by my Lord, knower of the unseen, from whom not an atom is hidden in all the universe. And there is nothing smaller than that, and nothing greater, but is in a clear Book,
34:4  that God may reward those who have faith and do good: for them is forgiveness and a generous provision."
34:5  But for those who strive to frustrate Our signs is chastisement with a painful punishment.
34:6  And those who have been given knowledge see that what has been sent to you from your Lord is the Truth, and it guides to the path of God, supremely powerful, completely praiseworthy.
34:7  And the ungrateful who disbelieve have said, "Shall we point out to you a man who will tell you when you are torn apart and scattered everywhere that you will be in a new creation?
34:8  “Has he invented a lie against God, or has a spirit possessed him?" Oh, no! Those who do not believe in the hereafter are in torment and far astray.
34:9  Do they not see what is before them and what is after them of heaven and earth? If We willed, We could cause the earth to swallow them up, or make a piece of the sky fall upon them. Surely in that is a sign for every servant who turns to God.
34:22  Say, “Call upon those whom you imagine other than God: they have not an atom of power 1n the heavens or the earth; and they have no share in either, and none is a helper of God.”
34:23  And no intercession can avail with God except for those permitted: such that when their hearts are freed from fear, they will say, “what said your Lord?" They will say, “The Truth. And God is supremely exalted, supremely great."
34:24  Say, "Who provides you sustenance from the heavens and the earth?" Say, “God. And either you or we are on guidance or in evident error."
34:25  Say, “you will not be questioned about the sins we committed, and we will not be questioned about what you do."
34:26  Say, “Our Lord will assemble us, then judge between us by truth: and Gott is the most knowing judge.”
34:27  Say, “Show me those you have joined in partnership with God. By no means! No, God is The God, supreme in power and wisdom."
34:28  And We have not sent you but universally to humankind bearing glad tidings and warning: but most of humanity does not perceive.
34:29  And they say, “When is this promise to be, if you are truthful?"
34:30  Say, "You have an appointment on a day you cannot put off by even an hour and cannot move forward."
34:31  The ungrateful who refuse have said, "We will not believe in this Recital, or what preceded it." If you could only see when abusers are stood before their Lord, throwing back allegations at one another. Those who had been despised will say to the arrogant, "If not for you, we would have been believers!"
34:32  The arrogant will say to the despised, "Did we hold you back from the guidance after it came to you? No, you were the guilty ones."
34:33  And the despised will say to the arrogant, "No, it was a plot of the night and the day: you commanded us to deny God, and set up idols as equals to God." And they will show regret when they see the chastisement: and We will put yokes on the necks of the ungrateful; will they be requited for anything but what they have done?
34:34  And We never sent a warner to a community but its affluent members say, "We reject what you were sent with."
34:35  And they said, "We have more wealth and sons, and we are not to be chastised."
34:36  Say, “My Lord expands or restricts the sustenance of anyone, at will: but most of humanity does not know.”
34:37  It is not your wealth or your sons by which you are brought nearer in proximity to Our Presence: only people who have faith and do good are those for whom is compounded reward for what they have done, and they’ll be secure in the chambers on high.
34:38  And those who strive to thwart Our signs are brought into the torment.
34:39  Say, “My I.ord expands the livelihood of any servant, at will, or restricts it: and whatever you spend, God replaces it; and God is the best of providers."
34:40  And one day God will gather them together and then will say to the angels, “Did these people worship you?"
34:41  They will say “Glory to You! You are our Friend, not they. But they did worship the spirits. in whom most of them believed.”
34:42  Thus on that day none of you will have any power over anyone else, whether helpful or harmful. And We will say to those who did wrong. “Taste the torment of the fire. in which you did not believe.”
34:43  And when Our clear signs are recited to them, they say, “What is this but a man who wishes to deter you from what your fathers worshiped?" And they say, "What is this but a fabricated lie?" And those who deny the truth when it comes to them say, "This is obvious encJ,.1ntn1ent."
34:44  But We have not given them Books for them to study, and We have not sent them a warner before you.
34:45  And their predecessors denied the truth-­ and these have not gotten a tenth of what We gave to those- and thus they rejected My envoys; and how was My denial!
34:46  Say, “I only a4monish you all on one matter: that you stand before God, in pairs or alone, then reflect: your companion is not mad, he is but a warner to you, in face of severe torment."
34:47  Say, “I do not ask you for recompense: this is for you all. My reward is up to God alone; and God is witness to all things.”
34:48  Say, “My Lord hurls the truth, fully perceiving all secrets."
34:49  Say, “Truth has come. And falsehood neither creates nor restore.
34:50  Say, "If l have erred, I just err on 1ny own account; but if I an1guided, it is by the inspiration of my Lord to me; for God is always listening, always near."
34:51  If you could only see when they are smitten with fear and there is no escape, and they are seized from a place nearby!
34:52  They will say, “We certainly believe in God!” But how could they be receptive from a state so remote,
34:53  having repudiated God before, hurling insults on the unseen from a state far away?
34:54  There is an obstacle interposed between them and what they desire. as was done with their kind before: indeed, they were in disquieting doubt.