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14:1  Alif Lam Ra. A book which We have revealed to you to bring people out of darkness to the light by permission of their Lord - onto the path of the mighty and praiseworthy;
14:2  Allah, to whom belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth, and woe to those who reject (the truth) due to a severe punishment.
14:3  Those who prefer the life of this world over the hereafter and divert from the way of Allah and desire it to be crooked, those are in extensive error.
14:4  And We always sent each messenger with the language of his people to make things clear to them, then Allah lets go astray whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases, and He is the mighty and wise.
14:5  And We previously sent Musa (Moses) with Our signs: take your people out from darkness to the light and remind them of the days of Allah, for in that are signs for everyone who is patient and grateful.
14:6  And when Musa (Moses) said to his people: remember the blessing of Allah upon you when He rescued you from the family of Pharaoh who afflicted you with bad punishment and slaughtered your sons and spared your women, which was a tremendous test from your Lord for you.
14:7  And when your Lord announced: if you are grateful, I give you increase, and if you reject, then My punishment is severe.
14:8  Musa (Moses) said: if you and all those who are on earth reject (the truth), then Allah is independent and praiseworthy.
14:9  Did not the account of those before reach you, the people of Nuh (Noah), ´Ad and Thamud and those after them? Only Allah knows them. Their messengers came to them with clear proofs but they bit on their hands and said: we reject what you have been sent with and we are in severe doubt about what you call us to.
14:10  Their messengers said: are you in doubt about Allah, the originator of the heavens and the earth who calls you to forgive you your sins and give you respite until a fixed date? They said: you are only humans like us. You want to divert us from what our fathers served, so bring us a clear authority.
14:11  Their messengers said to them: we are only humans like you but Allah blesses whom He pleases of His servants, and we cannot bring you an authority except with the permission of Allah, and on Allah let the believers rely.
14:12  And how could we not rely on Allah when He has already guided us our ways? And we will endure what you harm us with, and on Allah let all those rely who want to rely on something.
14:13  And those who rejected (the truth) said to their messengers: we will drive you out of our land unless you return to our religion. Then their Lord revealed to them: We will destroy the wrongdoers.
14:14  And We will let you live in the land after them. That is for him who fears My presence and fears My promise.
14:15  And they asked for a decision, and every obstinate tyrant was brought down.
14:16  After that there is hell and he is given repulsive water to drink.
14:17  He gulps it down and it is hard to swallow, and death reaches him from everywhere but he does not die, and after that there is an unrelenting punishment.
14:18  The likeness of those who reject their Lord: their works are like ash stirred up by the wind on a stormy day, they have no control over anything they obtained, that is the extensive error.
14:19  Do you not see that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth? If He wills He will remove you and bring a new creation.
14:20  And that is not difficult for Allah.
14:21  And they are all presented to Allah, then the weak will say to those who were arrogant: we followed you, so will you avert any of Allah´s punishment from us? They will say: if Allah had guided us we would have guided you. It is the same for us whether we are anxious or patient, there is no escape for us.
14:22  And the devil will say when the matter is decided: Allah promised you a true promise and I promised you but betrayed you, and I had no authority over you except to call you and you responded to me, so do not blame me but blame yourselves, I cannot assist you and you cannot assist me, I already rejected that which you associated me with, for the wrongdoers there is a painful punishment.
14:23  And those who believed and did good work will be entered into gardens through which rivers flow where they will remain by the permission of their Lord. There greeting in it is peace.
14:24  Have you not considered how Allah coins the example of a good word like a good tree with its roots firm and its branches into the sky?
14:25  It produces its fruit every season with the permission of its Lord, and Allah coins the examples for people so that they reflect.
14:26  And the example of a bad word is like a bad tree with its roots exposed above the earth that has not got established.
14:27  Allah strengthens the believers with firm speech in this world and the hereafter, and Allah lets the wrongdoers go astray, and Allah does as He pleases.
14:28  Have you not considered those who replaced the blessing of Allah with rejection and lead their people to the abode of ruin?
14:29  Hell, which they will enter, a bad place to stay.
14:30  And they set up partners for Allah to lead astray from His way. Say: enjoy for a while, for your journey is to the fire.
14:31  Tell My servants who believe to keep up prayer and spend of what We have provided them with secretly and openly before a day reaches them on which there is neither trade nor friendship.
14:32  Allah is who created the heavens and the earth and sent down water from the sky with which He makes fruit grow as provision for you, and He made the ship of service to you to sail on the sea by His command, and He made the rivers of service to you.
14:33  And He made the sun and the moon of service to you, both in constant motion, and has made the night and the day of service to you.
14:34  And He gave you of whatever you asked Him for, and if you were to count the blessings of Allah you could not enumerate them - man is unjust and ungrateful.
14:35  And when Ibrahim (Abraham) said: my Lord, make this land safe and prevent me and my children from serving idols.
14:36  My Lord, they have lead many people astray. So if someone follows me he belongs to me, and if he disobeys me, then You are forgiving and merciful.
14:37  Our Lord, I have settled some of my children in a valley without vegetation near Your sacred house, our Lord, so that they keep up prayer. So make the hearts of people incline to them and provide them with fruit so that they may be grateful.
14:38  Our Lord, You know what we conceal and what we disclose, and nothing on earth nor in the sky is concealed from Allah.
14:39  Allah is praised who granted me in old age Isma´il (Ishmael) and Ishaq (Isaac), for my Lord hears the call.
14:40  My Lord, make me keep up prayer and my children, our Lord, and accept my call.
14:41  Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers on the day the reckoning takes place.
14:42  And don´t count on Allah being unaware of what the wrongdoers do, We only give them time until a day when the eyes will be fixed in a stare.
14:43  Stretching their necks and raising their heads, but they see nothing, and their hearts are feeble.
14:44  And warn people of a day when the punishment will reach them and those who did wrong will say: our Lord, give us a little bit more time, we will respond to Your call and follow the messengers. Did you not swear previously that there would be no end for you?
14:45  And you lived in the homes of those who wronged themselves and it was clear to you how We dealt with them and We coined examples for you.
14:46  They previously came up with their scheme and their scheme is with Allah, even if their scheme would make the mountains disappear.
14:47  So do not count on Allah breaking His promise to His messengers, for Allah is mighty and vengeful.
14:48  On the day the earth will be replaced with another earth, and the heavens, and they are presented to Allah the one and dominant.
14:49  And you see the sinful on that day tied in cuffs.
14:50  Their clothes are made of tar and the fire covers their faces.
14:51  So that Allah rewards every soul in line with what it has earned, for Allah is swift in counting.
14:52  This is a declaration for mankind to be warned with and so that they know that He is one single god, and so that those with understanding remember.