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14:1  Alif. Lam. Ra. A Book is revealed unto you [Prophet Muhammed] so that you may lead humanity from the depths of darkness into light. That is in accordance to the will of their Lord. Lead them to the Way of the Exalted in Power, Worthy of all Praise.
14:2  Lead them to the way of Allah to whom belong all things of the skies and of Earth. Woe to the unbelievers because of a terrible penalty!
14:3  Those who treasure the life of this world more than that of the hereafter, who hinder others from seeking the path of Allah, and who seek in (the path) something negative are off course by a long shot.
14:4  We never sent a messenger except in the language of the common people, in order to clarify for them. Now Allah allows those whom He will to remain straying, and He guides whom He will. He is the Victorious, the Perfectly Wise.
14:5  We sent Moses with our signs: “Bring your people from the depths of darkness into light and remind them of the days of Allah.” Truly in this [story of Moses] are signs for those who are steadfastly patient and appreciative.
14:6  Recall that Moses said to his people, “Remember the favor of Allah to you when He delivered you from the people of Pharaoh. They afflicted you with dreadful torment. They killed your sons and allowed your females to live. In that was a terrible trial from your Lord.”
14:7  Recall that your Lord proclaimed, “If you are grateful, I will increase you. If you show ingratitude, truly My punishment is severe.”
14:8  Moses said, “Even if you and all on earth show ingratitude, realize that Allah is the Independent One, Most Praiseworthy.”
14:9  Have you not heard the story of those before you –of the people of Noah, Ad, and Thamud— and of those after them? No one knows them except Allah. Messengers came to them with evidence, but they put their hands to their mouths and shouted, “We reject what you bring, and we are suspicious of what you offer!”
14:10  Their messengers answered, “Is there any doubt about Allah, the Creator of the skies and Earth? He invites you so that He may forgive you of your sins and give you reprieve for an appointed term.” They said, “You are no more than human, just like us! You want to turn us away from that which our fathers worshiped. So then, bring us definite proof.”
14:11  Their messengers said to them, “It’s true that we are human like you, but Allah grants His grace to those of His servants as He pleases. It is not our job to provide proof except as Allah permits. On Allah, may all people of faith put their trust!”
14:12  There is no reason why we should not put our trust in Allah. He has guided us to our ways. We shall certainly bear with patience all the hurt you may cause us. On Allah should the reliant depend!
14:13  The unbelievers said to their messengers, “We will certainly evict you from our land unless you return to our religion.” Their Lord inspired to (the messengers), “Truly, We will destroy the sinners.
14:14  “Truly, We will cause you to continue living in the land long after them. Such as this is for those who fear the time when they shall stand before Me and who fear My warning.”
14:15  They sought victory. Frustration came to every arrogant sinner.
14:16  Before such a one is Hell. He/she is given stagnant water to drink.
14:17  He/she will drink it in gulps, but he/she will never come close to swallowing it. Death will advance to him/her from every side. Yet, he/she will not die. In front of him/her will be the unrelenting punishment.
14:18  The parable of those who reject their Lord is that of their deeds being as ashes furiously blown by the wind on a stormy day. They have no power over their fate because of how far they strayed.
14:19  Do you not see that Allah created the skies and Earth in truth? If He wanted, He could remove you and replace you with a new creation.
14:20  That would not be a big deal for Allah!
14:21  They will all be assembled before Allah. The weak will say to the arrogant, “We only followed you. Can you then help us at all against the wrath of Allah?” They will reply, “If Allah had guided us, we would have guided you. It doesn’t make a bit of difference for us whether we panic or endure with patience. For us, there is no escape.”
14:22  When the matter has been decided, Satan will say, “Truly, Allah gave you a true promise. I also promised, but I deceived you. I had no authority over you except to invite you, and you responded to me. Do not blame me, but blame your own selves. I cannot help you, and you cannot help me. Indeed, I reject your previous association of me. Indeed, a horrible punishment awaits the sinners!”
14:23  Those who believe and live righteously will be admitted to gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will live forever, by permission of their Lord. Their greeting will be, “Peace!”
14:24  Do you understand how Allah explains by way of a parable? A good word is like a good tree whose roots are firmly planted and whose branches extend to Heaven.
14:25  It always brings forth its fruit, by permission of its Lord. Allah presents such parables for people so they may reflect.
14:26  The parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree. Its roots are ripped from the earth’s embrace. It has no stability.
14:27  Allah will strengthen the believers with the Word that stands firmly in this world and in the hereafter. Allah will leave the sinners astray. Allah does what He will.
14:28  Have you not turned your attention to those who have traded the blessing of Allah for unbelief? They led their people to the house of destruction…
14:29  … –into Hell. They will burn in it. It is a wretched place in which to stay.
14:30  They placed equals to Allah. They misled people from His path. Say, “Enjoy! Truly, you are going straight to the fire.”
14:31  Speak to my believing servants. Tell them to establish the ritual prayers. Tell them to invest [in charity], secretly and publicly, from the sustenance We have given them. [Tell them to do these things] before the coming of a day in which there will be no trading or making new friends.
14:32  Allah has created the skies and Earth and sends rain from the sky. With (the rain), He brings forth fruits with which to feed you. He made the ships under your control so they may sail across the sea by His command. He made the rivers for your benefit.
14:33  He made the sun and the moon for your benefit. They both diligently pursue their courses. He has made the night and the day for your benefit.
14:34  He gives you from everything you request. If you count the blessings of Allah, you will never be able to number them. Truly, humanity is unjust and ungrateful.
14:35  Recall that Abraham said, “O my Lord, make this city safe. Keep me and my sons from worshiping idols.
14:36  “O my Lord, (idols) have indeed misled many among humanity. The person who follows my ways belongs with me. As for the person who disobeys me, You are truly the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
14:37  “O our Lord, I have led some of my children to live in an uncultivated valley. It is by Your sacred house. O our Lord, this is so they may be faithful in the ritual prayer. Fill the hearts of people with love towards them. Feed them with fruits so they may be grateful.
14:38  “O our Lord, truly You know what we hide and what we publicize. Nothing is hidden from Allah, whether it is on earth or in Heaven.
14:39  “Praise to Allah! He granted me Ishmael and Isaac in my old age. Truly, my Lord is the All-hearing of prayer.
14:40  “O my Lord, make me one who establishes the ritual prayer. Also make my children thus so. O our Lord, accept my prayer.
14:41  O our Lord, forgive me, my parents, and all other believers on the day that the judgment will come.”
14:42  Do not think that Allah ignores the deeds of the sinners. He only gives them reprieve until a day when eyes will stare [in horror].
14:43  Racing ahead, their heads will be raised, their stare will not yield, and their hearts will be void.
14:44  Warn humanity of the day when punishment will come to them. Then the offenders will say, “Our Lord, reprieve us for a short time, and then we will answer Your call and follow the messengers.” Didn’t you previously swear that you would never suffer such defeat?
14:45  You lived in the dwellings of those [communities of old; eg, Sodom and Gomorrah] who wronged themselves. You were clearly shown how We handled them, and We offered parables for you.
14:46  They devised their schemes, but their plots were known to Allah, even if their plans could have moved mountains.
14:47  Never think that Allah would fail His messengers in His promise, for Allah is Victorious, Owner of Retribution.
14:48  One day Earth will be changed to a different Earth, and the skies will also change. (People) will emerge before Allah, the Only One, the Prevailing Force.
14:49  You will see the [unforgiven] sinners that day bound together in shackles.
14:50  Their garments will be of liquid tar, and their faces will be covered with fire.
14:51  Allah will repay each soul according to what it deserves. Truly, Allah is swift in calling to account.
14:52  Here is a message for humanity. May they take warning from it, and may they know that He is One God. May people of understanding take heed!