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14:1  Alif, Lam, Ra. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.) It is a (glorious) Book which We have revealed to you so that you may bring mankind out of the darkness (of disbelief) to the light (of faith. And moreover) by the command of their Lord, (lead them) to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy
14:2  Allah, to Whom belongs (all) that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And there is destruction for the disbelievers on account of a severe punishment
14:3  They are the people who love the life of this world more than the Hereafter, and hinder (the people) from the path of Allah, and look for crookedness in it (the True Din [Religion]). They (have fallen) deep into error
14:4  And We have not sent any Messenger but with the language of his people so that he may make (the message of the truth) more and more clear to them. Then Allah holds astray whom He wills and provides with guidance whom He wills. And He is Almighty, Most Wise
14:5  And indeed, We sent Musa (Moses) with Our signs: ‘(O Musa [Moses],) bring your people out of the darkness to the light, and remind them of the Days of Allah (which had come upon them and their preceding generations).’ Surely, there are signs in it for those who are highly steadfast (and) deeply grateful
14:6  And (recall) when Musa (Moses) said to his people: ‘Recall (that) blessing of Allah conferred upon you when He delivered you from the people of Pharaoh who used to afflict you with severe torment, slaying your male children and sparing the female ones. And in it was a great trial for you from your Lord.
14:7  And (recall) when your Lord proclaimed: ‘If you are thankful, I shall certainly increase (My blessings on) you, and if you are ungrateful, then My torment is surely severe.
14:8  And Musa (Moses) said: ‘If you and all others on earth disbelieve, then Allah is indeed Self-Sufficient, Most Praisworthy.
14:9  Has the account of those who have passed away before you not reached you? They were the people of Nuh (Noah) and (of the communities) of ‘Ad and Thamud and (others) who came after them. No one knows them except Allah (because they have been totally annihilated from the surface of the earth). Their Messengers came to them with clear signs. So they put their hands into their mouths (out of mockery and spite) and (dared) say: ‘We deny this (Din [Religion]) which you have been sent with, and we are certainly in disquieting doubt about what you invite us to.
14:10  Their Messengers said: ‘Do you have doubt about Allah, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, (Who) calls you so that He forgives your sins for you, and (despite your disobedience) gives you respite for a fixed term?’ They (the disbelievers) said: ‘You are but human beings like us. You seek to hold us back from these (idols) our fathers used to worship. So bring us some clear proof.
14:11  Their Messengers said to them: ‘Though (in constitution of self) we are humans like you, but (also mark the difference that) Allah favours whom He likes of His servants. (Then how are you equal?) And (as for clear proof) it is not for us to bring you a proof without Allah’s decree, and the believers must put their trust in Allah alone
14:12  And what is the matter with us that we should not put our trust in Allah, whilst He alone has shown us the paths (of guidance and success)? And we will certainly bear your persecutions with patience, and those who trust should put their trust in Allah alone.
14:13  And the disbelievers said to their Messengers: ‘We will banish you by all means from our country, or you will have to return to our faith.’ Their Lord then revealed to them: ‘We shall certainly destroy the unjust people
14:14  And We shall certainly settle you in the (same) land after them. This (covenant) is for every such person that fears standing before My presence and dreads My promise (of torment).
14:15  And (ultimately) the Messengers sought victory (from Allah), and every obstinate rebel met defeat and came to nothing
14:16  Beyond this (devastation) is Hell (again). And he will be served with fetid water of oozing pus
14:17  Which he will take sip by sip with great difficulty, and will not be able to gulp it down the throat. And death will assail him from all sides, and he will not be able (even) to die. And that (again) will be followed by (one more) extremely grievous torment
14:18  The example of those who have rejected faith in their Lord is that their works are like ashes on which blows the strong wind on a stormy day—they are unable to grasp anything of the (works) that they earned. This is straying far into error
14:19  (O listener!) Have you not seen that Allah has created the heavens and the earth in accordance with (a strategy based on) the truth? He can annihilate you if He so wills and bring new creation (in your place)
14:20  And this is not (in the least) difficult for Allah (to execute)
14:21  And (on the Day of Grand Assembly) all (the higher and the lower ranks) will appear before Allah. The weak ones (the followers) will ask the (powerful) arrogant ones: ‘We obeyed you (the whole life). So can you now manage for us some degree of rescue from Allah’s torment?’ Those (affluent ones) will reply (to their poor followers): ‘Had Allah guided us, we would also have shown you the path of guidance (i.e., we were ourselves misguided so we misguided you too). It is all the same (Today) whether we sigh and wail or forbear. We have no way to escape.
14:22  And when the decision will have been given, Satan will say: ‘Indeed, Allah gave you a true promise; and I (also) promised you something, so I have violated the promise. And I had no authority over you (in the world) except that I called you (towards falsehood), so you accepted my call (for your own interest). Now do not blame me but blame your (own) selves. I can do nothing (Today) to help you out, nor can you extend any help to me. Before this you have been associating me as a partner (with Allah). Surely, I deny that (Today).’ Undoubtedly, there is a painful punishment for the wrongdoers
14:23  And those who believe and stick to pious deeds will be admitted to the Gardens with streams flowing under them. They will live there forever by the command of Allah. Their greeting word there (at the time of meeting) will be: ‘Peace.
14:24  Have you not seen how Allah sets forth an example: a good word is like a good tree? Its root is firm (in the earth) and its branches reach into the sky
14:25  (That tree) yields fruit at all times by the command of its Lord, and Allah illustrates examples for the people so that they may take advice
14:26  And the example of an evil word is like that of an evil tree, which is uprooted from the surface of the earth (and) which has no chance to get firm (in the soil and survive)
14:27  Allah keeps the believers firm-footed in the life of this world as well as in the Hereafter with (the blessing) of this Firm Word, but Allah holds the wrongdoers astray. And Allah puts into action whatever He wills
14:28  Have you not seen those who have exchanged Allah’s favour (of belief) for disbelief and have lowered their people into the house of destruction
14:29  (That) is Hell into which they will be thrown headlong, and that is an evil abode
14:30  And they set up partners with Allah so that they may turn (the people) away from His path. Say: ‘Benefit (a few days’) gain; surely, you will end up in the Fire.
14:31  Say to My servants who have believed that they must establish Prayer and spend (in Our way) both secretly and openly of the provision that We have granted them before the dawn of the Day when neither any transaction will take place, nor any (worldly) friendship (will profit)
14:32  Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and poured down water from the sky and then by means of this water produced fruits for you as provision. And He has made vessels subservient to you so that they may sail in the sea by Allah’s command, and He has (also) put rivers under your control
14:33  And for your benefit, He has subjected the sun and the moon (to a regular system); they keep rotating (in their respective orbits). And He has also subdued the night and the day (to a system) for your (system of life)
14:34  And He has given you everything that you asked Him for, and if you seek to number the favours of Allah, you will not be able to count them all. Indeed, man is highly unjust and extremely ungrateful
14:35  And (recall) when Ibrahim (Abraham) submitted: ‘O my Lord, make this city (Mecca) a land of peace and keep me and my children from idol-worship
14:36  O my Lord! These (idols) have led many people astray. So whoever follows me will belong to me, and whoever disobeys me, then indeed You are Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
14:37  O our Lord! Verily, I have settled my offspring (Isma‘il [Ishmael]) in the barren valley (of Mecca) in the close vicinity of Your Sacred House, O our Lord, so that they may establish Prayer. So make the hearts of the people incline towards them with love and fondness, and provide for them (all kinds of) fruits as sustenance so that they may remain grateful
14:38  O our Lord! Surely, You know (all) what we hide and what we show, and there is nothing which is hidden from Allah either on earth or in the heaven
14:39  All praise belongs to Allah alone, Who has bestowed upon me (two sons) in old age, Isma‘il (Ishmael) and Ishaq (Isaac). Indeed, my Lord is the All-Hearer of prayer
14:40  O my Lord! Make me and my children the ones who establish Prayer; O my Lord, and grant my prayer
14:41  O my Lord! Forgive me and (forgive) my parents* and all the believers as well on the Day when reckoning (and accountability) will be held.
14:42  And never think of Allah to be unaware of the works the wrongdoers are doing. He is only giving them (the wrongdoers) respite till the Day on which the eyes will be stare-fixed (in horror)
14:43  Their heads lifted up, they will be running (towards the Field of Grand Assembly), with eyes unable to twinkle and with hearts being drained of strength
14:44  And warn the people of the Day when the torment will come upon them. Those who did injustice will say: ‘O our Lord, grant us respite for a while so that we may accept Your message and follow the Messengers.’ (It will be said to them:) ‘Are you not those who used to swear before that you would never fall?
14:45  And (in your own turn) you were dwelling in the palaces (vacated by) those who had wronged their souls (during their respective eras), whereas this had dawned on you how We had dealt with them, and We also elucidated examples for your (easy comprehension)
14:46  And (having lost their balance, intoxicated by wealth and power,) they hatched many plots, whilst Allah had the countermeasures to foil all their plots, although their deceitful strategies were sufficient even to uproot the mountains
14:47  So never think that Allah will break His promise with His Messengers. Indeed, Allah is Almighty, the Lord of Retribution
14:48  The Day when (this) earth will be changed into a different earth and all the heavens will also be changed and the entire mankind will appear before Allah, the One, (and) the Dominant over all
14:49  And that Day you will see the sinners fettered in chains
14:50  Their garments will be of pitch (or some inflammable oil), and the Fire will be enveloping their faces
14:51  So that Allah requites every soul for (the deeds) it has earned. Indeed, Allah is Swift in Reckoning
14:52  This (Qur’an) is perfect communication of the Message to mankind so that by means of this they may be warned, and that they may conscientiously bear in mind that He (Allah) is One God, and that those who possess wisdom may take advice