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90:1  Nay, I swear by this city.
90:2  And you are a dweller in this city.
90:3  And by a progenitor and what he begot.
90:4  We created man to face hardships.
90:5  Does he think that no one can overpower him?
90:6  He boasts, “I have destroyed plenty of wealth.”
90:7  Does he think that no one sees him?
90:8  Didn’t We give him two eyes?
90:9  And a tongue and two lips?
90:10  And We guided him to the two diverging paths?
90:11  Yet he didn’t brave the steep path.
90:12  And what will make you realize what the steep path is?
90:13  It is the freeing of a slave.
90:14  Or providing food on a day of widespread hunger.
90:15  To a related orphan.
90:16  Or to a destitute in misery.
90:17  Then, he becomes of those who believe and advise one another to patience and compassion.
90:18  These are the companions of happiness.
90:19  However, those who deny Our revelations are the companions of misery.
90:20  Upon them is a sealed Fire.