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90:1  I swear by (the sanctity of) this town (of Makkah)
90:2  (Because) you (oh Muhammad, SAW), are allowed in this town
90:3  By the father (the first man, prophet Adam), and (all) the children he begot
90:4  Surely, We have fashioned man to toil (and undergo a trial)
90:5  Does man think that nobody has any power over him
90:6  (Boastfully) he says, "I have squandered heaps of wealth."
90:7  Does he think nobody watches over him
90:8  Did We not give him two eyes
90:9  A tongue, and the lips
90:10  And showed him the two (divergent) paths (of good and evil)
90:11  But man does not attempt the harder (uphill course)
90:12  And how would you know what the harder course (of action) is
90:13  (It is) freeing slaves
90:14  And on a day of hunger, feeding (the hungry)
90:15  Orphans among the kinsfolk
90:16  And the needy among the destitute
90:17  Furthermore, (the harder course is) to be among those who believe and persevere (in belief), and persevere with kindness and compassion
90:18  Such are the people of the right side _ (the righteous ones)
90:19  While those who disbelieve Our verses (and Our signs) are the people of the left side _ (the rebellious ones)
90:20  Fire shall besiege and beset them, all around