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85:1  By the firmament, possessor of the stations of the stars,
85:2  and by the day which is promised,
85:3  and by witness and witnessed,
85:4  destruction be unto the owners of the pits,
85:5  the fire which possessed abundance of the fuel,
85:6  while they sat around the fire,
85:7  and while they stood as witnesses over all that they were doing to the believers.
85:8  And they had no grudge against them except that they used to believe in Allah, The All-mighty, The All-praiseworthy,
85:9  he for whom is the kingdom of the heavens and of the earth and Allah is All-witness over everything.
85:10  Truly those who subjected the believing men and women to tribulation and thereafter they did not repent, truly for them will be punishment of hellfire and for them will be punishment of the burning fire.
85:11  Truly those who believed and did righteous deeds, for them there will be gardens beneath which the rivers flow. That is the success the most grandiose.
85:12  Truly the strike of your Lord is surely most formidable.
85:13  Truly He it is who starts [creation] and repeats [creation].
85:14  And He it is the Oft-Forgiving, The All-affectionate.
85:15  Lord of the throne, The All-glorious.
85:16  Doer for all that He wants.
85:17  Has the story of the hosts come to you?
85:18  of Pharaoh and of Samood.
85:19  Nay! Those who disbelieve continue to belie.
85:20  But Allah encompasses them from behind them.
85:21  Nay! It is a Quran most glorious,
85:22  in a tablet well preserved.