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85:1  By the sky possessed of constellations
85:2  By the Day promised
85:3  and by the witness and the witnessed
85:4  May they perish, the inhabitants of the pit
85:5  the fire well fueled
85:6  when they sat by it
85:7  and were witness to what they did unto the believers
85:8  and took vengeance on them for naught but that they believed in God, the Mighty, the Praised
85:9  unto Whom belongs sovereignty over the heavens and the earth; and God is Witness over all things
85:10  Truly those who persecute believing men and believing women, then do not repent, theirs shall be the punishment of Hell, and theirs shall be the punishment of the burning
85:11  Truly those who believe and perform righteous deeds, theirs shall be Gardens with rivers running below: that is the supreme triumph
85:12  Truly thy Lord’s assault is severe
85:13  Truly it is He Who originates and brings back
85:14  And He is the Forgiving, the Loving
85:15  Possessor of the Throne, the Glorious
85:16  Doer of whatsoever He will
85:17  Hast thou heard tell of the hosts
85:18  Pharaoh and Thamud
85:19  Yet those who disbelieve are in denial
85:20  And God is behind them, All-Encompassing
85:21  Nay, it is a glorious Quran
85:22  upon a Preserved Tablet