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84:1  When the sky bursts asunder
84:2  And gives ear to (the command of) its Lord to obey, and it is fitly disposed (to do so)
84:3  And when the earth is stretched out and receives fresh manure (for the spiritual and physical progress of its dwellers)
84:4  And casts forth all that it has in it, and becomes (as if) empty
84:5  And gives ear to (the command of) its Lord to obey, and it is fittingly disposed (to do so)
84:6  O Mankind! verily you are (by nature) toiling on towards your Lord a laborious toiling, then (through arduous service to Him) you shall surely meet Him
84:7  Then as for the person who is given his record (of deeds) in his right hand
84:8  He shall soon be reckoned an easy reckoning
84:9  And he will return to his people joyfully
84:10  But as for the one who will have his record (of deeds) given to him behind his back (as a sign that he had thrown the divine teachings behind his back)
84:11  He shall soon call (so to say) for complete destruction (to end his agonies)
84:12  And he will enter into a blazing Fire
84:13  Verily, (before this) he used to be joyful among his companions (and neglected the Hereafter)
84:14  He deemed that he would never return (to God)
84:15  Yet he did (return to God to account for his deeds), surely his Lord was ever watchful of him
84:16  Behold! I call to witness the twilight of sunset
84:17  And the night and (all) that it envelopes
84:18  And the moon when it become full
84:19  That you shall invariably pass on from one stage to another
84:20  So what is wrong with them that they do not believe
84:21  And they do not bow in submission when the Qur'an is recited to them? [Prostration]
84:22  On the contrary, these disbelievers cry lies (to the Qur'an )
84:23  And Allah knows best all that they keep hidden (in their hearts)
84:24  So (do not bother about them, rather) give them the news of a woeful punishment
84:25  Different, however, is the case of those who believe and do deeds of righteousness. There awaits them an unending reward