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84:1  When the sky is split asunder,
84:2  It will listen attentively to its Lord since it is obliged to do so.
84:3  When the earth is stretched out,
84:4  It will cast out that which is within it until it becomes empty,
84:5  Listening attentively to its Lord since it is obliged to do so.
84:6  O’ man, indeed you are striving to your Lord strenuously and so you will meet Him.
84:7  Then as for the one who is given his book in his right hand,
84:8  He will be judged with an easy reckoning,
84:9  Returning to his family joyfully.
84:10  But, the one who is given his book behind his back,
84:11  He will yearn for (his own) destruction.
84:12  As he will taste the burning of the blazing Fire.
84:13  Indeed, he used to live a happy life among his family,
84:14  And used to think that he would never return to his Lord.
84:15  Yes indeed! His Lord has been ever beholding him!.
84:16  So I swear by the twilight glow,
84:17  By the night and all that it assembles in its darkness.
84:18  And by the moon when it becomes full,
84:19  You will surely embark on a stage after another.
84:20  Thus, what is the matter with them that they do not accept Faith.
84:21  And when the ‘Qurʾān’ is recited to them, they fall not prostrate?
84:22  Nay! Those who lack Faith to in Allâh persist in denial.
84:23  Allâh knows best whatever they gather in their hearts.
84:24  Thus, inform them of a painful punishment,
84:25  Except for those who adhere firmly to Islamic monotheism, and do righteous acts (in this ‘worldly life’). They will have a never-ending reward.