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84:1  When the sky is rent asunder,
84:2  obeying her Lord in true submission;
84:3  when the earth is stretched out
84:4  and casts forth all that is within her and becomes empty,
84:5  obeying her Lord in true submission!
84:6  O man! You have been toiling towards your Lord, and you shall meet Him.
84:7  He who is given his record in his right hand
84:8  will in time have a lenient reckoning,
84:9  and return rejoicing to his people.
84:10  But he who is given his record behind his back
84:11  will in time call down destruction upon himself
84:12  and will enter the fire of hell.
84:13  He lived joyfully among his people.
84:14  He surely thought he would never return.
84:15  Yes, indeed; his Lord was watching over him.
84:16  I swear by the twilight,
84:17  and by the night and what it envelops,
84:18  and by the moon in her full perfection,
84:19  that you shall certainly move onward, stage after stage.
84:20  Why then do they not accept the faith?
84:21  Or, when the Qur'ān is read to them, they do not fall down in prostration?
84:22  But the unbelievers persist in rejecting [the truth],
84:23  yet God knows very well what they are hiding
84:24  so give them the tidings of a grievous suffering,
84:25  except for those who believe and do good deeds; for theirs is and unfailing reward