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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering, Splitting Open)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Sundering, Splitting Open(al-Inshiqaq)
84:1 When the heaven developed cracks.
84:2 And it gave ear (i.e., listened) to its Nourisher-Sustainer, and (thus) it was proved true (to Allah’s Command).
84:3 And when the earth was expanded enough,
84:4 and it cast out what (had been) therein, and became empty.
84:5 And it gave ear to its Nourisher-Sustainer, and (thus) it was proved true.
84:6 O you the human being! Surely, you are (the) one striving towards your Nourisher-Sustainer — a hard effort, then (you are the one) who must meet Him.
84:7 Then as for him who is given his record from his right (side),
84:8 then soon he is put to Accountability — a very easy reckoning.
84:9 And he returns to his followers in joy.
84:10 And as for him who is given his record from behind his back,
84:11 so soon he will seek destruction (so that he may become destroyed rather than stay in a lasting punishment).
84:12 And he shall enter the blazing Fire.
84:13 Verily, he was among his family fully involved in joy and amusement.
84:14 Verily, he thought that he will never return (to Allah).
84:15 Yes! Verily, his Nourisher-Sustainer remained a Strict Watch over him (throughout his worldly span of life).
84:16 So beware! I bring to witness the heaven in evening twilight;
84:17 and (I bring to witness) the night and whatever it enveloped and hid;
84:18 and (I bring to witness) the moon when it became fully felt and known (i.e., it revealed its secrets to man).
84:19 Without doubt you would surely embark (for journey) from one field to another field (of influence of a heavenly body).
84:20 So what (is the matter) with them that they Believe not?
84:21 And when is recited unto them Al-Quran they do not submit.
84:22 Nay, (on the contrary) those who have disbelieved, they belie (the contents of the Book).
84:23 And Allah knows better what they amass.
84:24 So announce to them ‘the good news’ about a painful torment —
84:25 save those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds — for them is a reward, not stopped or interrupted.


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