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84:1  When the sky will split open
84:2  and listen to its Lord as it ought to,
84:3  suddenly the earth will flatten out,
84:4  and throw up whatever it contains, and fall back empty;
84:5  and (also) listen to its Lord as it ought to!
84:6  Everyman, you are toiling constantly for your Lord, and you will meet Him!
84:7  Anyone who is given his book in his right hand
84:8  will be called to account with an easy reckoning,
84:9  and return joyfully to his family;
84:10  while anyone who is given his book behind his back
84:11  will appeal to be blotted out
84:12  and will roast in the Blaze.
84:13  He used to be happy with his own people;
84:14  he supposed he would never revert [to God].
84:15  Nevertheless his Lord had still been Observing him!
84:16  So I swear by the gloaming,
84:17  and night and whatever it enshrouds,
84:18  and the moon when it blossoms full,
84:19  you shall ride along stage by stage.
84:20  What is wrong with them that they do not believe?
84:21  When the Quran is read to them, why do they not bow down on their knees?
84:22  Instead, those who disbelieve keep on rejecting
84:23  while God is quite Aware of how they are holding back.
84:24  Give them news of painful torment,
84:25  except for those who believe and perform honorable deeds; they will have payment which will never be withheld.